5 Ways to Reuse Woodlot

Once a year on Earth Day social media comes alive and we all work extra hard to recycle, plant trees and clean up our local beaches. However, the reality is that we should prioritize our precious planet everyday, and at Woodlot the health of our people and our planet is truly at the backbone of everything we do.

Our philosophies are rooted in the idea that using ancient methods of hands-on craftsmanship and ethically-sourced, natural ingredients has a ripple effect on the wellness rituals of future generations.

We infuse tradition, purity, and integrity in every product we create. Our mission is to inspire the replacement of toxic home and body products with natural, effective alternatives that keep our people and our planet top of mind, no matter where in the world you are.

We take this mission seriously, which is why we make conscious efforts everyday to reduce our footprint including less shipping packaging and using recyclable materials for our boxes.

One of our favourite ways to extend the length of our Woodlot products is by reusing our vessels. Here are some of the fun things we've done with our leftover Woodlot bottles:

1. Bottle Q-Tips

Corral your collection of q-tips so you always have one on hand when needed. Same goes for bobbypins, elastics or any other bathroom essentials that always seem to go missing.

2. Start Your Seedlings

Have a green thumb? Use our candle vessels to start your seedlings. Just fill with potting soil and nestle your seeds inside. Move to a larger pot when your seedlings have taken root.

3. Clean Up Your Counter

Makeup brushes, cotton pads, eyeliner, and lip balms - if you're like us, your counter is covered with them. Give your space a minimalist makeover and tuck all of your loose ends into old Woodlot jars.

4. Repurpose Packaging

If you like experimenting with beauty DIYs our recyclable packaging makes the perfect home to store your recipes. 

5. Woodlot Rituals

Our essential oils and incense look beautiful in old Woodlot vessels and keep your space tidy so you can practice your favourite wellness rituals in peace.

Woodlot xo