9 Tips for Energetic Cleansing with Incense

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)

In these modern times, communities across the globe are realizing how vital it is to nurture neutral, non-offensive energy sources in the spaces they frequent.  Cleansing our spirits of impure vibrations is an age-old tradition, and when done with intention and care, can rejuvenate our vital force or chi.

Today, we share our Top 9 Tips for cultivating a proper energy balance with incense. 

1. Choose an organic/natural incense. 

Just like perfumes, colognes, fragrances, and just about every scent available, not all types of incense enrich our spirits.  However, while the difference between other types of fragrances may be evident, when it comes to cleansing spaces with incense, you may be easily misled.  Most make the mistake of going after incense that just makes a room smell fresh, without paying close attention to the make or material from which the incense was made. 

Typically, cheaper variants of incense (like the ones you find at the corner store) emit syntheticchemically-altered fragrances that do nothing to offset the imbalances present in your space.  Organicnatural incenses, like Palo Santo, make a significantly better alternative.

A longstanding tradition among native Ecuadorian tribes, authentic Palo Santo Incense is a natural energy healing source.  Extracted from fallen branches, Palo Santo only manifests healing properties such as scent after several years on the forest floor, following the tree's natural death.  Unlike some types of incense which may harbour the putrid energy of wildlife injustice, incense cultivated from an honest and environmentally conscious community will never bear the type of energy that will offset your chi.  

Cheaper scents will do little, if anything, to alter the energy in your space, but Palo Santo can rearrange vibrations within a given environment, neutralize negativity and leave your space filled with healing aromas


Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)

2. Properly ventilate your room. 

When burning natural, organic incense in a given space, you ought to ensure that the room is well ventilated.  While high-quality variants of incense are ideal energy-purifiers, and key for moving negative vibrations out of your space, if you do not create a clear path for their exit, you defeat the purpose of this process. Besides, inhaling too much smoke cannot be good for anyone, good energy or not. 

Be sure to burn incense only in a room that has windows that open, or is large enough to allow for air flow.  Cracking a window or keeping the door slightly ajar should suffice.  In doing so, you enable the incense to drive bad energy away, and are more successful in maintaining purity within the space.  If you feel the need to supplement air flow with a fan, this can also help.

3. Match your choice of incense with a specific intention. 

When selecting an incense, filtering your options by how organic or natural they are is the method you'll likely apply first.  However, the fun part is discovering a scent you’d like to be enveloped in within a given space, depending on your personal intentions. 

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)

White Mayan Copal Incense has a freshneutral, and balanced scent, and burns for up to 60 minutes, making it the ultimate energy-cleansing companion to a yoga or meditation practice, creating maximum chi-neutralizing results.

Palo Santo Incense takes less time to burn than Copal, and is better suited for quick bursts of energy-clearing throughout the day, especially when stress and overwhelm are rampant.  With earthy overtones and grounding properties, Palo Santo is ideal for clearing space with the intention to call a new energy in.

Ideally, the fragrance you choose will serve a dual purpose: to cleanse the energy of your space, and leave it smelling great. 

4. Give your sticks a home that let them blossom. 

While many tend to take this for granted, ensuring that you have an incense burning stand that comfortably holds your sticks is crucial to balancing energies in a given space. 

Energy is not just an external element which penetrates our psyche: energy is also created from within.  If your mind is not at ease, then your body will start to give off negative energy which will, again, defeat the purpose of your incense ritual. Ensure that you have an incense burning stand that holds up your sticks securely to avoid constantly checking on them for fear that they will fall out of place.  

Likewise to using an incense that is ethically sourced, holders hand-crafted by local artisans will carry optimal vibrations.

Image by Alison Page Mills (@alisonmpage/ Ceramics by Maggie Boyd Ceramics

5. Prioritize safety above all else. 

Further on maintaining internal energy balance, you must ensure that your mind is free from worry, doubt, and concern when practicing energetic cleansing.  One of the easiest ways to do so is to take care of things which you can control - such as putting the incense burner in a strategic place to make it as disaster-proof as possible.  It should be kept out of reach of children or pets, and away from any flammable zones.  This way your mind will be clear of concern and you’ll be more in tune with the outer and inner process of energy transfer within your space. 

6. Supplement incense with an additional fragrance. 

While mixing fragrances may not be to everyone’s taste initially, we encourage you to explore the possibilities of powering up your energetic cleansing rituals with a secondary scent. 

For example, of you're burning White Mayan Copal Incense during your yoga practice, diffusing a Recharge Essential Oil at the same time will likely inspire a vinyasa flow, but pairing it with Flora may encourage more restorative practice. 

Alternatively, burning Palo Santo Incense while diffusing Wildwoods is bound to increase your ability to get grounded and achieve a sense of calm.

7. Add a few plants to your space. 

While our plant-based products make beautiful enhancements and carry their own certain abilities to purify your space, a livingbreathinggreen organism is the embodiment of the earthy, natural, and organic feel we all strive for.  Cleansing energy with incense is all the more powerful in a space already laden with lush, green, botanical-bliss. 

Image by Alison Page Mills (@alisonmpage)

We often slip a stick of Palo Santo or Copal Incense right into the soil of one of our studio plants.  Whenever without a stand, this can do the trick!

8. Declutter. 

Do you sometimes feel anxious?  Sometimes, combining a powerful energy cleanser with a thorough decluttering of your living or working environment will do the trick and calm the unruly sea roaring within. 

Congested environments have just as much a clogging effect on our energy receptors as they do on our productivity.

Lighten up your space by removing unnecessary junk or putting things away.  Even a simple rearranging of your interior fixtures can allow the healing powers of incense to flow through your room and nullify any unwanted chi that may hamper your vibe. 

9. Alternate between incense.

Don’t be afraid to modify the incense you burn on a day-to-day basis.  Today, you may opt for Palo Santo.  Tomorrow may call for White Mayan Copal.  Having options available allows you to keep this ritual consistent, and avoid the overuse of one scent.  While we see many of you stocking up on your favourite incense in large quantities, the discovery of something new is always revitalizing in itself.  Besides, returning to an old favourite after exploring some other fragrances is like coming home again.

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Happy cleansing!

Woodlot xo