A Celebration of Progress

Woodlot Co-Founder, Sonia Chhinji, has always dreamt that Woodlot Skincare would be a line that mothers everywhere would trust as an Introduction to Beauty for their coming of age daughters who are seeking beauty and skincare rituals for the first time - and while clean, all-natural ingredients is big part of that, we also want to set an example with how we speak about beauty.

This month we asked members of our community to share their earliest memories of participating in Beauty Culture how did you learn about skincare? what did it mean to you then? and what is your take on it now? 

                                                                                                                Unfortunately the beauty industry does not always use the best messaging in marketing products, whether it be phrases like fixingperfectingcovering up, and our least favourite, anti-aging - or whether it be through the images shown where so-called perfect skin is actually photoshopped skin and models selected are continuously not representative of all women, which leads to feelings of exclusion and further unacceptability.   

While we try to keep our definition of skincare simple - products and rituals that help you care for your skin - we’re also aware that the ways in which skincare products are marketed and talked about, whether in the media, or at home, have an impact on self esteem, confidence, and connection - for our younger girls, as well as women of all ages. 

Despite some responses of these messages being present in what you told us about your earlier life experiences, we were thrilled to learn that so many of you in this community now define skincare as self care and we loved that you used language like investmenthonoursacred, and healthy

“Self-love! And choosing good ingredients and supporting passionate companies.”

“Self care in an investment for my future and my skin!” 

“A sacred routine.” 

“Skincare means to honour my skin since it’s brought me so many places and protected me.”

“It means being healthy inside and out and really taking time to listen to your skin.”

“Showing myself some love - both today and 20 years from now.” 

We also loved seeing that 75% of those who responded to our poll said their first introduction to skincare was positive and a number of you said that your skincare rituals were passed down to you by the women in your family. 

Others mentioned magazines, YouTube, and content created by specific brands - and with the relevance social media has today, it’s more important than ever to be conscientious about who you follow, who you consume, and what the narrative of their content really is.

Today we wanted to honour each of you who have redefined skincare for yourselves, and invite you to celebrate every conscious brand, every revolutionary influencer, and anyone else who has contributed positively to the way that you think about beauty and skincare today. 

We encourage you to take a moment to share a piece of content created by your favourite brand or influencer and give them a shout out or even just pop into their DM’s and let them know how much their work means to you.  (For shares, be sure to tag @woodlot so we can follow them too!) 

We all need a little encouragement these days, and your words will certainly be appreciated. We know, because we’re lucky to hear from many of you on a weekly basis, and it never fails to brighten our day and add that much more meaning to what we’re doing here. 

As a small thank you of our own, we’ll be sending out FREE Fresh Face Exfoliants with any and all purchases of the Nourishing Cleansing Balm this week. Just place both products in your cart + apply the code FROMWITHIN at checkout.  Code is valid until 11:59 PM PST on March 1st, 2021. 

With love + light,

Woodlot xo

All images by Brit Gill (@brit_gill)