A Scent Story // Amour

While Woodlot values clean-burning, plant-based products with simple, pure, and all-natural ingredients, we’re first and foremost a scent company. Introducing A Scent Story: a behind the scents look at how each Woodlot blend came into being... 

Once upon a time, in a not so faraway land, floral palmarosa, blushing rose damask, and spicy black pepper crossed paths by pure chance - and the result? A romantic, spicy, and sensuous blend, suited for lovers everywhere. 

Destined to one day become the ‘O.G.’ scent of its very own collection, Amour began as one of Woodlot’s earliest creations - a mineral bath boost. 

Today, we share a little Q & A with Woodlot co-founder, Sonia Chhinji , on how a fairly unusual combination of scents became one of our most highly sought after blends, leaving each and every individual to encounter it, ever after, enchanted... 

Us: When did Amour first appear in the collection? 

Sonia: At first, we created the Amour blend as one of our ‘mineral bath boosts’, which are no longer a part of our collection, at least for now, but they were something we did early on. I had really wanted to create a beautiful blush rose coloured soap bar, but I’m not a huge fan of rose soap bars on their own. So we went with the Amour blend we’d already created. 

Us: What made you think to pair rose with black pepper? 

Sonia: I think this was more so kismet, and accidental, and just sort of happened after a lot of experimentation. We’d been playing with rose a lot, blending it with different scents to see what we liked, and I think with scent, you often think something is going to turn out so well, but then you leave the scent to marry, and you come back to it, and it’s nothing like what you would have imagined - for better or for worse. So, we had tried rose with different scents and we were really not loving the results. And eventually, we ended up blending rose, palmarosa and black pepper and were actually really surprised at how well it worked. You get this great combination of sweetcitrusy, and spicy...and those three together are probably my favourite combination of scent categories

One of our Mineral Bath Boosts from the early days!  Pictured also is a Recharge Soap Bar and the Lavender and Bergamot Mist, later renamed Flora!

Us: Was the name always going to be Amour? Did you have other ideas for this blend?

Sonia: The name was inspired by the feeling we wanted our customer to feel when using the product. Because the colour of the soap bar was a blush pink and we used such romantic essential oils, the first word that came to me was love. And I really love the french language, so it felt fitting. 

Us: When did you decide to extend Amour to be the Amour Collection

Sonia: We did what we felt our customers wanted. We get so much wonderful feedback and often customers will reach out and tell us what scents they love most and why, and they’ll sometimes say, I love this scent, I wish you made it in such and such product… Our Rose & Palo mist was also doing really well, and had become sort of a Hero product of ours, and we thought it would make sense to create a rose based collection, blending what is already a very popular scent with some interesting and unique companions. To me, Amour always felt a little more luxurious, and I liked the idea of doing a collection in beautiful blush pink packaging and giving our customers something to really treat themselves to. 

Us: What product do you prefer the Amour scent in and why? 

Sonia: To this day, I love the Amour soap bar. It feels like such a treat for the body, skin and mind. I think the overall experience of unwrapping a soap bar that is called Amour, and then using it for the first time, in the shower or while having a bath, is really nice. 

So do we! 

Amour currently comes in a soap bar, a candle, a lotion, and an essential oil blend. The Amour Collection includes also our Rose & Palo and Rose & Cannabis products. 

Avec amour, 

Woodlot xo

All images were taken by Alison Page (@alisonmpage)