An Easy 5 step Ritual for Self-Love

Because sometimes, we just need a little extra self-love. Today, we’re sharing a quick 5 minute ritual that you can use to reset when life seems a little overwhelming, or when that negative internal voice is just a little bit too loud. Set a side 5 minutes and find a space in the home that feels comforting to you and begin to bring awareness to the present moment with Woodlot.

Clear Space: Clear and tidy your space to create an environment for peaceful meditation. Stack your books, organized any loose papers, clear away any other clutter and begin to slow your breath. Breathe deeply in and out through your nose and release any tension from your physical body.

Breathe Deeply: Begin this ritual by misting the immediate area around you with our Rose + Palo Santo Everyday Mist. The soothing, cleansing aromas of palo santo help to clear away negative energy while heart opening rose allows you the space to invite love in.

Get Lit: Burn a stick of our sustainably sourced palo santo and allow the smoke to envelop you as you move it around your body, and bring awareness to this quiet moment of self-care. Sit here in stillness, continuing to focus on your breath and use this time to clear away negative self-talk and invite in a more positive internal dialogue.

Burn, Baby: Strike a match, light your favourite Woodlot candle (we’re reaching for Recharge, one of our favourite remedies for stress + fatigue) and take a moment to feel inspired. Ask yourself – may I find peace? May I invite in self-love? In this moment, what is it that I really need?

Reflections: Recognize that by showing yourself love, you become better equipped to show love to the other humans in your life. Make a commitment to yourself and continue to cultivate this self-love through small daily rituals. Whether it’s a stick of palo santo, a quiet moment with your favourite candle or something else altogether – remember that in any moment you have the choice to craft your future.

Xo Woodlot

Images: Britney Gill