Candle by Mood

Throughout time, humans have lit candles to illuminate darkness, enhance meditation, offer blessings, and bring comfort and positive energy to their surroundings. 

The candle’s flame has a unique ability to touch the deepest part of our soul with warmth and enchantment, while the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils quietly transform our space.

While scent is personal for everyone, over the years, through our own experience with these blends, as well as the feedback we receive so frequently from our community, we’ve learnt that certain moods and seasons have us reaching for one blend over another.

Scroll down to find the statement that feels truest to your current state of being, and learn which blend and associated rituals we’d recommend from our collection.

“I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

Overwhelm is a more frequent emotion in these times than any of us would prefer.  The feeling could be described as feeling overfull or overflowing.  Some may describe overwhelm as being pulled in too many directions or dragged in the wrong direction, seemingly against their will.  It can be too many things on your to do list, an inner critic who just won’t quit, or a lot of of outside voices requesting too much of you.  To make matters worse, those of us who have learnt to be ‘perfectionists’ or ‘people pleasers’ will often refuse to accept help or set boundaries for themselves, as they believe they are meant to know how to do it all, to do it well, and to do it now.  Heart-opening rose and grounding palo santo make for a calming blend.  Ignite Rose & Palo and eliminate all distractions.  Get comfortable and quiet.  This might look like cozying up with a favourite blanket.  For others, it could be moving through some restorative yoga.  Whatever it is for you, focus on what thoughts are coming up, and do not try to argue them or categorize them (positive, negative, helpful, not helpful).  The first step is noticing what they are.  It might help to list them somewhere.  Later, you can figure out what to do with them and how to move forward.  For now, you are simply getting to know yourself better and most importantly, hear yourself.  You’ll notice that once thoughts are heard and understood, overwhelm will decrease.


“I’m feeling really social!”

Our Original Candle was created to be ‘the perfect candle’.  While other scents in our collection have become the personal favourites of many, the Original scent was designed to have something in it for everyone.  The core of this scent is togetherness and connection.  Sweet orange brings positive energy to a space, while eucalyptus stimulates conversation, and vanilla offers comfort, soothing any leftover stress from earlier in the day.  Fir, cedar, and pine provide freshness, warmth, and grounding.  Keep this candle on hand for any social occasion, big or small, including dinner parties, backyard hangouts, movie night, or a romantic evening for just two.  It always manages to create a relaxed, yet engaged atmosphere.  The large size will add a certain aesthetic to your space, but the smaller lidded jar is perfect for bringing with you - think beach hangs, camping, or travel.


“I’m feeling anti-social...”

Whether you identify more as extraverted or introverted, we all get into a particular funk from time to time where the desire to spend time with, even the people we love most, escapes us.  This can be for a variety of reasons, but here in Vancouver, we often notice it to be a shared experience among our friends, family, and colleagues at the start of fall.  Spending much of the year in darkness, Canadians are keen on getting in as much adventure and social time as possible from June to August, so by the time the weather turns cold again, and the days start to shorten... frankly, we’re exhausted.  It’s no coincidence that this is when Cinder becomes our most popular candle.  A citrus-and-spice blend, Cinder is our coziest scent.  It was inspired by a trip to the spa in the Pacific Northwest and inspires relaxation, quiet time, and self care.  Cinder is the perfect companion to that novel you’ve been wanting to lose yourself in, a Sunday spent watching the latest buzz-worthy show, or getting busy with something creative.

“I’m feeling all over the place.”

While we love to establish rituals and routines in our day to day lives, the reality of our world today makes it a bit more challenging to remain in this state. With notifications coming at us from every which way and our schedules being filled to the brim, it can be difficult to feel a sense of focus amongst the chaos.  As a result, we often feel ourselves reaching for that second, third, or even fourth cup of coffee, which ends up fuelling anxiety vs. creating focus.  We love our morning coffee ritual as much as the next person, but at a certain point, additional caffeine tends to hurt more than it helps.  That’s why most days in our studio, we’re burning or diffusing Recharge.  Stimulating peppermint and rosemary provide a gentler energy boost, without messing with our biology so much.  Team members report feeling not only more energized, but more creative and collaborative.  


“I’m feeling physically overtired.”

When we’re going hard at life, either by spending too many hours working, or our social life happens to be busier than normal, sleep is often the first thing we begin to sacrifice.  While short periods of this are a part of life, we all reach a point where we need to get back on track with a proper sleep routine.  A bright yet soothing blend of lavender, bergamot, and sweet orange is ideal for nighttime rituals.  Light a Flora Candle when you arrive home or you are otherwise ready to transition from day into night.  Allow the scent to soothe you as you prepare your evening meal, dine, and clean up.  Experts say that what helps with falling asleep is sticking to a set of rituals or steps each night, so that as you go though them, your brain gets the message that you are preparing for sleep.  This is similar to how our digestive systems are revved just by us smelling the meal we’re cooking.  Follow dinner with a screen-less activity like reading a book, chatting with your partner, roommate, or family, or go all in with an epsom salt, flora-scented bath, using our Flora Essential Oil.

“I’m feeling self-critical.”

“If you don't have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours.”  

This Zen proverb can easily be applied to self care. When there are days (or weeks) where the idea of slowing down to ‘perform’ a self care ritual seems laughable, considering how busy you are, this might be a sign that you’re in far more need of self care time than you realize.  Time to relax and process daily is as important as feeding yourself.  What does that look like?  What it likely doesn’t look like is getting upset with yourself and demanding yourself to stop complaining and work harder.  Instead, think about yourself as someone you love deeply and want to see happy and fulfilled.  Consider how you’d treat a romantic partner.  You likely would want to spend quality time with them, listen to their thoughts and fears and hold space for their emotional processing, tend to their physical needs with consistent attention and care, remind them often of how important they are to you, and when in doubt, ask them directly what they need from you.  Amour is soothing and just slightly sweet, with a bit of spice.  Rose and black pepper mingle well together to create a luscious and luxurious atmosphere.  Ignite Amour and spend some time honouring yourself.  Consider yourself the object of your own affection.  This might look completely different from one day to the next, and certainly from one person to another.  Think about what would feel good for you.  Whatever your version of self care involves, just know that it is unique to you, and that there is no wrong way to do self care. 


“I’m feeling cooped up.”

Once in a while, we get so caught up with our projects and responsibilities that we end up feeling cut off from the outside world.  Maybe we’re trying to get ahead at work, or we’ve got something on the go that’s eating up all of our spare time.  Maybe we're just feeling down and ill-equipped to get out and engage with the rest of the world.  Nature therapy, as in getting out into the sun, feeling the wind, and ideally, making some kind of physical contact with the earth’s elements, is remarkably helpful.  And while there’s no replacement for getting out in nature, if there was, it might be Cascadia.  Loved by Pacific-Northwest-born individuals everywhere (among others), no scent quite captures the PNW like Cascadia.  Because scent is strongly associated with memory (it is the only one of our senses that bypasses our brain’s translator and heads straight for our emotion and memory centres), you might be able to access a sense of wellbeing, simply by burning Cascadia, on days where you’re stuck at home - whatever the reason may be.

“I’m feeling inspired!”

Heart-opening rose is the base of all three Amour Collection scents, but paired with earthy cannabis makes Rose & Cannabis a scent for intrigue.  Inspiration is often like the friend you don’t hear from for months, but then suddenly turns up unannounced, and expects you to go on a wild adventure with them.  Such opportunities call for an open mind, heart, and soul.  Cannabis, which has been long-associated with fresh perspectives and forward thinking, pairs harmoniously with heart-opening rose, and as for the spiritual aspect, the act of striking a match and lighting this candle is sure to awaken the spirit and call it to action.  Ignite Rose & Cannabis and reap the rewards of heart-centred connection and expansive exploration.  Be sure to have a pen and paper nearby, or whichever tools suit your medium.  You're sure to capture a bit of brilliance in the process.


“I’m feeling lost.”

Another seasonally popular scent, we see Wildwoods take centre stage, annually, at the turn of the new year.  A warm, comforting scent, it’s no surprise that we are drawn to this candle when we’re contemplating new challenges ahead.  Every year comes with a new set of wants and needs, depending on how we feel about where we’re at in life.  We’re often self-reflective at this time, and many will make Wildwoods their candle of choice for this period.  But as the year progresses, some plans pan out and others may need more thought or consideration.  Often associated with the scent of the forest after it’s rained, Wildwoods is the scent-equivalent of the calm after the storm.  If you’re at a stage in your year, or life, where you know you need to step back and check in with yourself on how things are going, you might find comfort in a daily or nightly lighting of Wildwoods.  Try to envision the post-rain scene of a forest, and consider the idea that the storm, though destructive to certain, perhaps more superficial aspects of the forest, is also that forest’s life force.  Close your eyes and envision the potential of that forest.  Consider that it is ever-changing.  Never at one time, more valuable, than at another time.  Repeat the mantra, silently or aloud, Inherently worthy.  


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