Daily Rituals // The New Normal

Image by Carolyn Tanaka (@_carolyntanaka)

As we shift into summer, our instinct, after a particularly challenging spring, may be to stay guarded, hold back, and cling to the safety of what’s comfortable, seeking out remnants of ‘how things used to be’ and avoiding the reality of a new normal we’re not yet ready to embrace.

But while the uncertainty of a new normal comes with the possibility of a life less like the one you used to have, it also comes with the potential for a life more like the one you’ve dreamt of having.

New habits are easier to implement when we’re already feeling outside of our comfort zone.  Think of this period of adapting to a new normal as an opportunity to build momentum within your quest for personal growth, self healing, and a fuller experience of life.

We invite you to consider utilizing ritual in your new habit building by engaging with some of your favorite Woodlot products and scents in tandem with exploring new activities, bigger challenges, and a wider knowledge of who you really are and what you’re really capable of.

Reflection Questions…

  1. What is something you’ve always wanted to incorporate more of into your life, but has always seemed like too much to take on?  Could now be the time to recognize your ability to adjust to new and evolving circumstances?  
  2. Got something?  Be honest with yourself about what really scares you about that thing.  Write down all the excuses you’ve made in the past about not trying, and ask yourself for each reason not to do it, “Is that really true?"
  3. What inner voice are you listening to?   (Hint: all are valid.)  Give the dreamer part of your personality the freedom to pursue this want, and actually get excited about it.  Start to consider the more hesitant, cautious side of your personality as a trusted advisor, whose questioning may be valid, and even helpful at times, but who perhaps shouldn’t be the sole decider in all that you do .  You are in control of which of these voices speak the loudest, and when.

Rituals to Explore…

Bloom + Inspire 

Flora Everyday Mist

Pause, spritz, and relax.  Nothing kills inspiration like overwhelm.  But when we’re starting something new, and we’re learning the ropes, overwhelm is to be expected.  So instead of fighting fire with fire, stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and reach for a soothing blend of calming lavender, crisp sweet orange, exotic patchouli, and refreshing bergamot.  Mist face, body, or environment and breathe in a moment of botanical bliss.  Set a new intention, and start fresh.

Wake Up Like This

Recharge Essential Oil

A common place to start when making changes to your lifestyle is with your morning routine.  What if you could start the day feeling energized, upbeat, and motivated?  While the wellness community has offered a variety of steps to take towards that perfect start to your day, the answer you’re looking for may be simpler than you think.  Try diffusing 8-10 drops of Recharge Essential Oil first thing in the morning, or try adding a few drops to a wash cloth during your morning shower to create a steamy, invigorating experience.  A stimulating blend of rosemary and peppermint will have you feeling refreshed, creative, and eager to collaborate as your work-day begins.

Just start

Mayan Copal Incense

Whether you’re taking on a creative project, learning a new skill, or getting into an at-home fitness routine, the number one rule, absolutely essential for success, is to just start.  A great way to get going with any new activity is to just commit to one hour.  Light a stick of Mayan Copal and allow its wood and pine scent to keep you on task for sixty minutes.  But don’t stop there — consistent use of a particular scent paired with a particular activity means that you will begin to associate the activity with that scent.  So when you’re wanting to get into a creative, or mindful, or meditative mindset — all you have to do is strike a match, and set the mood.


Image by Carolyn Tanaka (@_carolyntanaka)

While change is always a challenge, we always find that developing a strong sense of direction and getting clear on personal expectations will always result in smoother transitions, and a more rewarding experience overall.

Share your ongoing journey with us online by tagging @woodlot or by using the hashtag #ourwoodlot.  Now more than ever, we’re eager to hear from you, learn from you, and be in conversation with you. 

Sending love + light,

xo Woodlot