Daily Rituals // With Amour

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheen.ism)

For a couple of months now, most of us have been in service mode, and while there is always more to be done, and each of us have plenty to give, we also can give and serve better when we ourselves are cared for first. 

Self care rituals are step one to loving others well.  They allow us to engage with our spirit, restore our system, and relieve stress making way for heart opening experiences that connect us to our humanity.

Choose one of the following rituals to engage with daily.  Combat stress, find deeper relaxation, and finish the day with a sense of calm and satisfaction with Amour.

  1. Amour Candle Collection

A collection designed to inspire self love rituals, our Amour Candle Collection offers an array of scents that speak to the heart and soothe the soul.  Filled with beautiful aromas of palo santo, rose, and earthy cannabis dive deep into self-love by burning one of these sensuous blends daily.

  1. Rose + Palo Santo Mist

A mist to soothe the skin and spirit, and a beautiful reminder to pause, take a moment, and reset. Perfect for use as a body mist, on pillows or as a rejuvenating toner.  When overwhelm sets in stop, spritz, and start again.

  1. Amour Collection Essential Oils

Winding down in the evening with a bath is an effective way switch off and prepare body, mind, and spirit for sleep.  Add 8-10 drops of your selected scent to running water and then slip into botanical bliss.

  1. Amour Nourishing Body Lotion

A loving treat for the skin with floral palmarosa, fragrant rose damask and warming black pepper in a base of olive, sunflower and cocoa butter.  Lather on at the end of the day, and say goodnight to any lingering worries, by affirming, Today I’ve done my best, and my best is always enough.

This weekend, each of the above products is 30% off when you enter the code SETTHEMOOD at checkout.  Stock up, set a daily reminder to diffuse, burn or apply and leave the rest to Amour.

With love + light, 

xx Woodlot