Full Moon Report by The Good Spirit

Astrological Implications: Aquarius loves to maintain power and is already plotting it’s next move, where are you? As we shift into the Aquarius full moon, we are going to have to drop our mental baggage fast to keep up. I’m not talking about the emotional kind where we need to rest, cry, and grieve. I’m talking about the mental variety where we need to look a the inner crevices of our mind and see if our judgments, rationalization processes, and reactivity are in line with our highest good. 

We are leaving the shadow side of Leo behind (On August 23rd) which is narcissism. From here, we move towards the earthly element of Virgo, which is grounded in humility. It is an excellent time to reflect on how our mind can have us make assumptions too quickly without giving proper restraint to our impulses. When have you believed everything was about you? Are there conflicts around you that could have been eased up by not taking things personally or assuming they were about you? 

Tarot Card: Strength - Strength asks us to tame our animalistic tendencies. Beasts fight in the wild for power, to maintain control and position. Ego can also represent this. I’m not one of those spiritualists that thoroughly condemns our Ego. It serves as a function to protect us. At times, we must ROAR to defend ourselves. But that is on a rare occasion. Most of the time, we should be conserving our energy for meaningful things. We should allow others to have free will and run around, but if they get into danger, we might have to interrupt them, out of protection, out of love. In strength, the real power comes through restraint tempered by the grace of divinity. 

Self-care Tip: My self-care tip this month is about taking care of others. Connect with paying it forward emotionally, spiritually, and materially. We are all connected, and when you take care of those around you, you take care of yourself. You may not reap the benefits right away, but the universe you will always pay you back when you need it. 

Buy a beautiful gift for your favourite teacher or guru as we head back to school. They never forget it. The future of our youth and our planet is in their hands.

We suggest: 

Rose & Palo Essential Oil and Palo Santo Incense as the perfect gift ideas.

Include a handwritten note with suggestions on how to use...

Add 5-10 drops of Rose & Palo Essential Oil to your bath or diffuser. Heart opening rose and grounding palo santo help to bring the mind and body into balance.

Burn Palo Santo Incense in the morning to purify the air and cleanse your environment. Each day brings new opportunities.

Summary: Grace will take you places huslin’ can’t. 

Stay tuned for the New Moon report, coming soon! 


Woodlot & The Good Spirit