Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender



“Mirror, mirror, on the wall - which is the fairest ingredient of them all?”

While we’re far too in love with all of our ingredients to ever pick favorites, we’ve got to say that when it comes to spring, there’s no lovelier scent than that of sweet lavender.  

Considered an herb of love in the Middle Ages, we adore lavender for its ability to soothe our spirits and calm our bodies and minds at the end of a trying day - the way any lover should.   

When the weather starts to warm, and love is in the air, we turn to lavender to keep us feeling held, comforted, and at peace.  Sweet, herbal, serenity.

Today, we’re ringing in the spring season by sharing some Q & A with Woodlot Co-founder, Sonia Chhinji, on how lavender became one of the most prolific ingredients in the Woodlot collection, and how she personally uses lavender in her everyday rituals.

The first product/blend you used lavender in was the Flora blend.  Tell us a bit about that process.

I was introduced to Essential Oils from a pretty young age, and lavender was definitely one of the first few essential oils I came into contact with. Since the first three scents were more woodsy, and sort of brisk, and stimulating, I really wanted to play with some herbal and floral essential oils. The summer before creating Flora, we visited a lavender farm in Naramata. It was a complete sensory experience.  From taking in the sights of the beautiful lavender fields, smelling the scent everywhere, experiencing their lavender infused honey, and learning more about the scent’s natural properties -  we knew we had to create a scent with this calming ingredient.

Lavender is also a common ingredient in the skincare line.  What inspired you to include it in four out of six products? 

We opted to use lavender for several reasons in the skincare line.  It’s a very popular, well-known and versatile ingredient. Beyond lavender being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which are obviously desired traits in skincare, when creating our skincare range, one of our main goals with the line was that we wanted to have people pause and take a moment for themselves.  We loved the idea of blending aromatherapy with skincare, so that your skincare products become your self care rituals vs. another chore you have to perform each day in order to achieve a particular result.  The scent of lavender promotes a calm feeling of serenity.  It was important to us to keep our ingredients lists simple and concise, and so when you’re working with something as multi-purpose as lavender, you’re really able to accomplish that.

Did you use lavender in your daily rituals a lot before Woodlot?  Have you always enjoyed the scent?  Any particular memories with it?

Yes, I’ve always loved to scent my clothing with lavender.  I’ll place dried lavender buds in a muslin bag and throw that in my clothes drawers or gym bag.  Or I’ll drop pure lavender essential oil onto a wool dryer ball and toss that in the dryer with my clothes. Lavender floral water has always been a go-to for refreshing pillows, linens, and clothing on the fly.  I also love lavender in baked goods - like lavender short-bread cookies!  Again, I love how dynamic lavender is, similar to Rose. 

What feelings do you personally associate with lavender?

Peaceful, optimistic, curious, inquisitive, inspired, and hopeful.

Where does it rank on your personal list of favorite scents?

Lavender, and now, our Flora scent, is in my top five most-used scents.  Because of how gentle Flora is, I was able to use our Flora Lotion and Essential Oil on my son during Infant Indian Massage.  I will even add a couple of drops of the oil to some shea butter and massage him with that. The Flora Mist is used on our pillows and linen sheets.  I love clay masks and I’ve always loved creating my own blends with varying ingredients - mostly because my skin has different needs at different times of the month - and so if my skin is feeling dull, I love adding the Flora Essential Oil to our Green Tea Mask, because it leaves my skin feeling a lot fresher, and really clean.

Lavender is included in our…

Flora Collection: Candle, Soap Bar, Lotion, Everyday Mist & Essential Oil Blend.

As well as our…

Skincare Collection: Cleansing Balm, Rose Water Toner, Facial Oil & Moisturizer.


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