Mindful Beauty | Pursuit of Youth

Mindful Beauty | Pursuit of Youth

As we move through this thing called life, getting older is inevitable – yet modern media would have us believe it’s something to avoid. Something to fear. But in fact, we think aging is a glorious experience and the wisdom, strength and courage that come with it should be celebrated, never shamed.

We call this a new culture of beauty.

In an industry defined by the desire to stop or reverse the aging process with harsh chemicals and messages that invite a deep sense of unworthiness - we stand defiantly behind our philosophy that natural is best and that the elusive fountain of youth is a figment of our collective imagination.

At Woodlot, we believe in ‘pro-aging’ – a philosophy that embraces all phases of life and beauty – because every line, every crease and every spot serves as a cherished memory of belly laughs, lazy days in the sun and deep emotional connections with the ones we love.

We’re not here to erase that.

We’re here to encourage you to continue to take exceptional care of yourself as you move through life. To show yourself kindness, compassion and unwavering self-love, and to do so through rituals rooted in traditional acts of wellness with products carefully crafted with ingredients from the earth.

What does this have to do with mindful beauty?

When we’re mindful we exist entirely in the moment. We have no space to worry about the impending effects of aging - we’re content. So today, we’re sharing our top 3 ways to create a more mindful, accepting approach to aging and to beauty.

Practice Gratitude

Breathe. And bring your awareness back to the present moment. Recognize the wonder of your life and the experience that has come with it. A regular practice of gratitude – for the humans in your life, the roof over your head, the food on your plate – makes it more difficult to spend too much time worrying about the physical changes you might see.

Release Expectations

Know that things change. Life is dynamic. Physical appearance is fleeting. We have no control over the things we think we do. So at the end of the day, release the ‘shoulds’ and work to embrace the here and now.

Create Mindful Rituals

We’re human too. And we would never shame you for wanting to look and feel your best, which is why we encourage mindful rituals that bring light and acceptance into the every day. From lighting a stick of palo santo, to nourishing your skin with plant based products crafted with love – continue to make time for yourself and invite intentional, inclusive beauty into the everyday.

Xo Woodlot

Image: Britney Gil

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