Self Care Products for Men

Despite our best efforts to bend the gender norms in today’s society, the current self care movement, though booming among women, is not as accessible to men as we would like.  

Skincare knowledge, in particular, is way more available to women than it is to men and as a company that currently does seem to appeal more to women, this is something we’d love to work on changing.   After all, we all have skin...and we all require self care!

Today we’re sharing some skincare knowledge that is specific to men, as well as pointing out some additional products that could help him up his self care game - in case you’re still looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift.

Remember, the best gift is one you know he’ll love, but probably wouldn’t think to buy for himself.


Get a better soap bar in his hands.

Due to more active sebaceous glands, men’s skin is actually more oily than women’s.

'Sebum,' or the natural oil of your skin, is what keeps skin hydrated and blocks bacteria, but too much of it can clog pores and lead to stubborn acne.  Men can produce up to four times as much sebum as women, so finding a soap bar that combats oil is key.     

Our Cinder Bar uses bentonite clay as a natural exfoliant, but this clay is also excellent for absorbing excess sebum like a sponge!  Scented only with pure vetiver essential oil, this bar is subtly fragranced and neutral in colour.  French grey salts gently remove dead skin cells, further preventing clogged pores, and a base blend of nourishing butters and oils helps the skin retain its existing moisture.

Stock him up on Cinder Soap Bars or opt for the For Him Gift Set to give him the full experience of this spa-inspired collection.


Give him the gift of a better shave.  Or a better after shave.

Speaking of all-natural methods for exfoliation, shaving actually strips away the top layer of the skin which does effectively remove dead skin cells, but this top layer is also what helps lock moisture in, and consistent removal of it can lead to dehydratedirritated skin - and promote premature aging of the skin.  While exfoliation products are recommended to be used only once a week, many men prefer to shave more frequently and need a solution for soothing their skin post-shave/exfoliation.

Conventional aftershaves which are intended to close pores, preventing bacteria from entering the skin, and help cuts heal quicker, can actually make the problem worse, if they include alcohol, which is extremely drying to the skin.  

A simple two-step process can reverse this frequent assault on his skin in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Nourishing Facial Toner 

Ours includes both glycerin and hyaluronic acid, two powerful humectants that attract moisture to the skin.  Hyaluronic acid will also boost collagen production, which keeps skin from sagging.  While male skin contains more collagen than women’s to begin with, collagen reduction starts much earlier for them, so it’s never too early to add a daily boosting agent. 

Rose water works to instantly soothe, and reduce redness and irritation, while witch hazel’s natural astringent properties balance bacteria and tighten pores.  This serum can simply be dropped onto clean palms and rubbed over the shaved area, similar to how most aftershaves are used.  From there, he can follow up with...

Step 2: Nourishing Facial Moisturizer 

Now that the skin has been prepped with moisture-attracting humectants, the next logical step is to add hydration.  A water-based moisturizer is absorbed into the skin quickly and rose geranium and shea butter work to encourage water retention.  Jojoba oil, which is not a true oil, but more of a liquid wax, has a structure similar to the skin’s natural sebum, and creates a new protective barrier to replace the outer layer of skin that’s been stripped away.


Set him up for success.

Those of us who are already veterans of self care know that setting up an environment where we feel at home is key, and there’s no greater tool for this than scent.

Subtly scented, and with minimal branding, Woodlot Candles make a great choice for men who are keen on adding scent to their environment but don’t necessarily want anything over the top in fragrance or aesthetic.

Scent is such a personal thing, but typically we notice that men will gravitate towards, though certainly aren't limited to, something woodsy or herbal

Cascadia is popular for lovers of the outdoors and smells like the a Pacific Northwest trail on a hot summer day, whereas Wildwoods could be described as the refreshed scent of the woods just after it’s rained.  Both smell natural and clean, and will allow him to feel grounded and relax.

If you’d rather err on the herbal side, go with Recharge, a stimulating blend of peppermint and rosemary which will keep him feeling energized and creative throughout the day, and save him from reaching for that mid-afternoon cup of coffee he’s bound to regret later.  Some people like to carry this blend with them as an essential oil, so that they can simply uncap it and take in the scent when overwhelm or fatigue begins to set in.  Others stock up on candles and light up their workspace with this invigorating scent.


Throw in something practical.

If he’s a camper or a lover of backyard fires or barbecues, he’ll love - and you’ll love for him - an all-natural bug repellent that doesn’t include nasty chemicals.  Sometimes self care at its most basic (and essential) is just simply being able to enjoy the rituals you already have with safe alternatives.  Our palo santo is sustainably harvested from fallen trees in Ecuador and happens to make an excellent bug repellent.  The fact that its scent happens to be incredibly grounding for humans - is just icing.

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 Cover Image is by Alison Page Mills (@alisonmpage)
Additional Images are by Maria del Rosario (@delro.maria)