Spring Cleaning // The Final Touch

As we move into a beautiful new season, there’s only one thing on our minds - spring cleaning! There's just something about clearing away clutter, letting go of unnecessary junk, and giving your space a good once over that invites in feelings of peace and serenity.

And once all is cleansed, cleared out, and put in place, there’s really only one way to add that final touch...

A Clean Burning Candle

The ultimate statement of holistic living, candles add light, beauty and a sense of ritual to any space.

For these reasons it’s hard to imagine that there could be anything inherently unhealthy about burning candles and yet evidence suggests that their bright beauty can sometimes hide several unwanted secrets.

As candles burn, they release invisible soot containing microscopic particles light enough to remain suspended in the air for long periods of time, and small enough to be easily absorbed into the body once inhaled.

At Woodlot, the health of our humans and our planet is always top of mind, which is why we've always worked with renewable organic coconut wax, GMO free soy wax, lead-free cotton core wicks, and pure essential oils.

The Ritual

While the possibilities for incorporating candles into your daily routine are endless, here are some of the routines we always naturally fall in rhythm with in the springtime...

Rise & Shine

As the days get longer in the Northern Hemisphere, an invigorating scent like Recharge is our go to for those early spring mornings when we’re finally beginning to crave a bit more get up and go than we were feeling in the darker, winter months.  A stimulating blend of Rosemary and Peppermint pairs nicely with a morning yoga session or a meditation practice, setting us up for a healthy and productive day.

Inspire & Bloom

Flora is in the air already in the spring, but we can’t resist this scent in our indoor work spaces at this time of year.  This blend of soothing lavender, exotic patchouli, and refreshing bergamot can serve as a source of inspiration at the office, or at home, bringing the the spirit of spring indoors.

Gather & Cherish

There’s nothing like those first sunny evenings after a long winter of early sundowns.  We like to celebrate the increasing hours of daylight by inviting friends over in the evening, serving dinner family style, and adding to that sunset ambience with a little candlelight.  Choose our Original scent to welcome your guests with a blend of refreshing fir, crisp pine, calming eucalyptus, and sweet orange. 

Wishing you a bright and beautiful spring this year!

xo Woodlot