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Get to know Chrystal from Harlow Atelier

In this edition of our Stockist Spotlight series, I chatted with Chrystal Macleod, owner of Harlow Atelier. Each time I’m around Chrystal I find myself marveling at her lit-from-within glow. Her penchant for beauty and wellness is evident, and enviable! Luckily for us, she’s willing to share her secrets––in fact, she’s curated an entire shop to do just that. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind Harlow, why she choose Woodlot, and what beauty essentials she’s loving this winter!

What inspired you to open Harlow Atelier?

We wanted to offer conscious alternatives to your daily doings. Good things from a good place with minimal packaging, plastic, no filers, no synthetics, no harmful toxins or preservatives. A sanctuary devoted to clean/green beauty, body + home.

Harlow offers a wonderful selection of natural makeup lines. How does your background as a makeup artist inform the way you search for makeup brands, and how you create products yourself?

I always make sure that the ethos of the company matches the quality of ingredients as well as our values as a company...vegan, cruelty free, natural. It has influenced the way we create our own products as I learned first hand what is in the commercial brands out there. I don’t want that crap anywhere near myself or any of you!!

Three essential beauty products for winter?

Oh gosh... either Pinched Lip + Cheek Tint or Blushed Skin GlossMuse Coconut Exfoliating Mask + Eye Repair Elixir, Gua Sha tool, Multireflexology tool + Plant based Hyaluronic Acid Serum... I can’t just pick 3!!

In addition to beauty care, Harlow has offerings for the home, body, mind, and spirit. What do you look for when sourcing products for your shop?

We always look for the people + brand ethos. I have personally tried every single product that we put on the shelves evaluating them for integrity, quality + overall commitment to better... environment, future, people + health.

Why Woodlot?

Woodlot’s approach to thoughtful goods for people + planet is a no brainer. Their quality is tops + I LOVE their soap, palm oil free + so nourishing!

Daily self-care rituals?

I take my time in the morning, I love to be up but I move slow, making coffee + taking time to practice either a 5 min meditation, pull a card or just sit with my wolf baby Weezy before I start the day.

Book that everyone should be reading?

How not to die by Michael Greger + How to change your mind by Michael Pollan

Perfect way to spend a weekend?

Going on a hike or just getting into nature, making a nourishing plant based meal for friends in a cozy intimate setting.

You can find Harlow Atelier at 655 east 15th Avenue in Vancouver. Or visit them online at

IG: @harlowatelier

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xo, Chelsea

Photos by: Steph Varasteh

IG: @stephvarasteh