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Get to know Crystal and Erika from Studio B Yoga & More



In this edition of our Stockist Spotlight series, I caught up with the wonderful women behind Studio B Yoga & More. Together at the helm, Owner, Crystal Hasell, and Studio Manager, Erika Arnold have created a community hub for wellness, with classes ranging from Yoga and Pilates to popular offerings like
‘Sacred Sisters Tea + Tarot’— there is something for everyone at Studio B. Inspired by their passion and commitment for what they do, I wanted to learn more about how it all started, what wellness and daily self-care mean to them, their favourite ways to incorporate Woodlot’s Palo Santo, and so much more!

When did you know that you wanted to open Studio B Yoga & More?

The decision to open Studio B was motivated by a desire to help and enhance our community. At the time there were two fantastic yoga studios but we envisioned a space that incorporated a boutique, yoga, pilates, fitness, workshops and trainings that everyone could access. We opened as a social-purpose business and the intention to create a space that could hold space for everyone in our community. Over the past four years we have been able to meet our goal and offer 50 free community classes a year, yoga for all ages from newborns to seniors, those living with MS and free programs for youth. It has been a truly incredible time in my life that has allowed me to grow so much as a person, and meet so many amazing people. -Crystal

What I especially love about Studio B is that in addition to yoga, pilates, and barre classes, you offer life coaching and specialized workshops. What do you hope people take away from visiting your studio?

We always hope that Studio B is a place for individuals to come to be themselves. We understand that everyone’s journey to health, wellness, and the type of physical activities they take part in are all personal and we want everyone who comes to our space to feel safe and welcome wherever they are on their

What advice do you have for people who want to incorporate a wellness practice into their life but don’t know where to begin?

We would say start in simple ways that work for you and are particular to aspects in your life that could use a little extra care and attention. Maybe that means going for a walk or taking time to make it to a yoga class, or maybe it looks like reading a book or meditating for even just a few minutes a day. But it can also be as simple as taking time for yourself in the morning or in the evening to focus on your breath or taking the time to journal and really just enjoying the moment for what it is. It can be easy to think wellness needs to be a big extravagant thing or that we have to buy the newest face mask or specific products or go to classes but really it just has to do with what you can do to connect to yourself and what you need.

How do you go about selecting brands for retail?

We always choose local brands whenever we can as well as brands that have a deep passion and care about what they do when it comes to the products they create. Sustainability is also very important to us so we choose products that are eco-friendly, reduce their waste, and care about the quality of ingredients.

When is your favourite time to use Woodlot’s Palo Santo?

All of the time!! Not only do all of us love it at the studio but we all also have bundles that we use at home. We love it in the morning when we open the studio as well as before or after classes. It’s also perfect for cleansing crystals or spaces and we love incorporating it into rituals such as tarot readings or meditation.
-Erika & Crystal

My favourites times to use Palo Santo is at home to help transition my family from busy to quiet times, or from an empty house to house full of guests or when we are travelling and staying in a new space. My husband and kids both love to cleanse their spaces especially when we wind down for the evening or for my husband at his office. We use it as a full reset on what has been happening to what is to come, a moment to pause really and just breathe and move slowly. -Crystal

Do you have any personal self-care rituals that you love to do at home?

Personally cooking is a huge self-care ritual to me. It’s my go-to when I am feeling stressed or having a bad day but it also acts as a creative outlet and something that I pay attention to and makes me feel good to know I am nourishing my body and my soul in one way or another. I also love lighting candles, burning palo, and having a bath or doing a tarot spread for myself and journaling. -Erika

Creating time to make most of our meals and lunches at home and support the local growers and shops brings a lot of joy to our daily routines. I love to burn incense to clear the air after meals, or keep different essential oils going in different rooms, the kids love lavender at bedtime and our favourite is eucalyptus and cedarwood. I have really found the act of practicing small self-care rituals at home helps create a more calm environment. -Crystal

What does the perfect weekend off look like to you?

As much time in nature as possible. In the mountains, being on or by the water, taking the dog for a walk, and grocery shopping at local markets. -Erika

Doing all the things that might not have happened during the week, catching a yoga class, trying a new recipe, bike rides with the kids, time with friends and spending time outside hiking, biking and gardening. -Crystal

What are you most excited about at the moment?

Right now I am feeling most excited about Spring and the new energy and beginnings it has to offer. -Erika

Today I am excited about a new and fresh season, tidying the home, preparing the gardens, and exploring new trails with the kids! -Crystal

You can find Studio B Yoga & More at 45540 Market Way #8 in Chilliwack, BC, or visit them online at or on Instagram: @yogastudiob

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