Summer in Motion

Sheena Zilinski (@sheen.ism)

Summer is in motion - and so are we!  After a trying spring, we’re all about moving our bodies, getting outside, and seeking wellness wherever we can find it.  Whatever your fitness goals are this summer, use Woodlot Wellness Bundles to elevate your warm weather workout!

Choose from four goals below and follow our pre & post workout steps!



Our Mindful Morning Bundle is made with invigorating ingredients to help you make the most of your morning.

Pre-workout: Add 10-15 drops of Recharge Essential Oil Blend to diffuser and spend 1-2 minutes moving your body and allowing a stimulating blend of rosemary and peppermint to wake up your muscles.

Post-workout: Spray the room with Rose + Palo Santo Mist post-workout and return to relaxed state, cleansing both the space and your mind, before continuing on with your day.


Our Ready, Get Set Bundle is made with energizing ingredients to help you just do it.

Pre-workout: Add 10-15 drops of Recharge Essential Oil Blend to diffuser and be still for 1-2 minutes as you breathe in the aroma and take advantage of the lung expanding properties of rosemary and peppermint.

Post-workout: Store our Sweetgrass Mist in the fridge and use on body post-workout to deodorize, hydrate and cleanse thanks to the naturally anti-bacterial properties of lavender, cedar and juniper.


Our Enlightened Yogi Bundle is made with botanical ingredients to naturally fuel your focus for your toughest workouts.

Pre-workout: Add 10-15 drops of Original Essential Oil blend to diffuser before a workout to ease tension, and promote feelings of confidence, energy and wellbeing.

Post-workout: Post workout, mist face with Rose + Palo Santo Mist to hydrate and cool hot skin, and tone pores. Soothe tense muscles and slip into the scent of the forest by adding 10-15 drops of our Original Essential Oil blend to a warm bath.

Self Care

Our Rest + Recovery Bundle is made with soothing and hydrating ingredients, perfect for those who love mixing fitness with self care.

Pre-workout: Attract all the good vibes and recharge with Flora Essential Oil Blend. Add 10-15 drops to a diffuser or bath, allow your mind to rest and relax into botanical bliss.

Post-workout: Post-workout, use Flora Mist as a toner soothe skin and lock in moisture. Simply spritz onto clean skin, wipe away with a cotton pad and welcome in clear skin thanks to the naturally antibacterial properties of lavender.


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With love + light,

Woodlot xo