Woodlot Summer Packing Guide

Travel is something we’ve been passionate about for a long time now. There’s nothing quite like landing somewhere unseen, completely out of our comfort zone, ready to tackle a new adventure. Travel inspires many of the wellness practices we regularly share with you. Whether it’s a moment of mindfulness to remain calm on a 14 hour train ride, or lighting a stick of palo santo to clear energy (and protect from mosquitos) in a new abode - bringing little reminders of home on the road allows you to ignite ritual, no matter where in the world you are.

This summer, we’re packing Woodlot (obviously) thanks to our new essentials bundles - what’s in your bag?

Beach Daze

Your bags are packed, you’ve found the perfect bikini (like our current sustainable favourite from Reformation!) and you’ve finalized the ultimate summer playlist, so whether you’re staying local or heading abroad - it’s finally time to head towards the water and treat yourself to some summer fun.

In our beach bag:

Rose + Palo Everyday Face and Body Mist: A multi-use must-have for travel near or far, use as a facial toner, cooling body mist, or deodorizer. Rose essential oil also helps balance the nervous system, helping us remain calm in the chaos.

Recharge Nourishing Body Lotion: Our minty body lotion is the perfect solution after a day in the sun. Packed with anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals to soothe irritated skin, and lightweight enough to use day or night.

Rejuvenating Green Tea Clay Mask: Our go-to when sun, sweat and sunscreen have created a perfect storm of irritation and congestion, use as a weekly all-over treatment or on spots as necessary. Formulated with antioxidant rich green tea to heal and protect skin from UV damage.

School’s Out

The kids are buckled in, the car is packed and the mountains are calling - luckily, we’ve put together an essentials bundle to keep the bugs and heat at bay. Ignite your family’s favourite summer rituals with a few of our favourite Woodlot cabin essentials.

In our backpack:

Cinder Coconut Wax Candle: An aromatic blend of calming lavender, crisp sweet orange, grounding patchouli and refreshing bergamot - what cozy is made of.

Recharge Nourishing Body Lotion: An invigorating blend of rosemary and peppermint, the perfect start to our day - no caffeine required.

Cascadia Soap Bar: Cleansing with the fresh scent of refreshing fir, warming cedar and exotic patchouli in an all-natural base of nourishing butters and plant based oils.

Palo Santo Incense: Soothing frazzled nerves and warding off pesky mosquitos thanks to a bundle of our palo santo incense.

Take advantage of our special summer bundles while you can and receive a FREE travel size skincare kit, on us. Enjoy this rejuvenating season, with Woodlot.