T'is the Season

T’is the season to be…a little stressed out.

Ahhh...can you feel that?  Just saying it out loud is kind of a relief, isn’t it?

While most of the year we remember, nostalgically, holidays past - somehow, when it gets to be December, we can suddenly start to feel just a teensy bit of dread - or a whole lot of dread.

Suddenly, all those memories - of freshly baked cookies, and mom’s famous stuffing, and seeing that special someone’s eyes light up when they open that perfect gift you found for them at the very last minute - get a little bit foggy.  We begin to feel a little bit foggy.  

I have no idea what to get for dad this year!  I’m really not looking forward to seeing my aunt who always bugs me about still being single.  I wish more people understood that I just can’t eat certain things!

We can’t decide who to spend the holidays with this year - and who to disappoint.  I’m just not feeling up to seeing a lot of people right now. We’re kind of struggling financially but it feels like we have to get gifts for everyone.

This all might sound really familiar to you, or perhaps it doesn’t - but even if you couldn’t be more excited for this year’s holiday season, chances are, someone you know and love is not feeling so jolly.

And as mentioned at the start of this article, just admitting out loud that you’re not feeling very festive this year can be a big load off - and having that met with complete acceptance and understanding from a loved one?  Wow. Even better.

So be that loved one this year. 

If a friend or family member can’t make your event, let them know they’ll be missed, but that you’re proud of them for prioritizing self care.  If you offer someone some of your baking, and they say, “No, thank you” - leave it at that. If a friend is having a hard time, financially, or otherwise, let them know that you think the two of you should skip gifts this year and do something fun together in the new year instead.

And if any of the above did hit close to home, don’t be afraid to voice how you’re feeling to your family and friends.  As much as they want you to be a part of their holiday traditions, they want you happy and healthy first and foremost.

Plus, you never know!  Your courageous honesty might inspire someone else to open up and say, Hey, I’m a little stressed out this year...ahhh! 

What a perfect gift, you perfect gift-giver, you!

We're wishing you & yours all the best this holiday season!


xo Woodlot