Unlock the Fullness of Life

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)

If 2020 has given us anything, it’s perspective.  We’ve each been given the opportunity to step back and look at our world differently.  While this can sometimes be with sorrow, it can also be with immense gratitude, should we choose it.

A daily ritual of gratitude is vital, because with ritual, comes commitment, and the commitment to seek gratitude daily is an incredibly powerful lens to see the world through.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." — MELODY BEATTIE

By committing to the daily task of finding things to be grateful for, we learn to look for things to be grateful for.  In order to find anything, we must be searching.

Today we invite you to commit to this practice with us.  Lets make gratitude something we do daily, something we do together, and something we do for ourselves past, present, and future versions included. 

Read on for ideas & inspo on how you can incorporate gratitude into your daily rituals!

Set the Mood

Candles add light, beauty, and a sense of ritual to almost any occasion.  Create the ideal atmosphere for your personal gratitude practice by selecting a scent that inspires you.

If you’re a morning person, light Recharge upon waking and write out your gratitude list as if they are affirmations.  Think about what you would be so grateful to have happen later in the day, and say thank you in advance, as if each desired outcome is a complete certainty.  An invigorating blend of rosemary and peppermint will have you feeling imaginative, creative and bold enough to dream big.

For evening rituals, we love Flora.   Calming lavender paired with crisp sweet orange and exotic patchouli create the perfect nighttime atmosphere, allowing for thoughts of tomorrow to melt away, and giving us the ability to see what was great about today all the more clear.

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)

 Ignite Ritual

Whether it be a morning or evening ritual, the next step is to make it daily.  Committing daily to anything can be a challenge, and it’s important to remember that daily doesn’t have to literally mean every day.  While the key to building any habit is consistency, there’s no use in beating yourself up when you fall off track. 

Our trick for making anything a habit is to pair it with something we’ve already made a part of our regular routine.  Much like brushing our teeth, going through our daily facial care routine is not something we need to plan, or schedule, or even think about we just do it.  And since we’re already cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing each day, we might as well be using this time to mentally list what we’re feeling grateful for.  

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)


Traditionally known as ‘holy wood’, Palo Santo Incense has long been used as a means to clearing negative energy and welcome in new, positive energy.

We like to think of each time we light palo santo as a commitment to starting again taking a moment to pause and reflect on what isn’t working in a given situation, and surrendering to the possibility of another way.  This is not only an act of courage, but a ritual of gratitude because without appreciation for our past efforts (the person we were a year ago, a month ago, or even just moments ago), it’s all the more difficult to have faith in the person we are trying to become. 

Start by lighting the end of a stick, and resting your gaze on the flickering flame for about 30-60 seconds.  Use this time to get clear on how you currently feel and how you want to feel.  Once you know the difference, inhale deeply, and blow out the flame with your exhale, releasing any tension with the breath.  Next, get up and move.  Guide the residual smoke around your space, allowing it to help clear away any frustration or overwhelm.  Lastly, before retuning to the task at hand, close your eyes, and say a prayer of gratitude to yourself for creating this new space to exist in honouring both your previous self for letting go, and your new self for continuing on.

Image by Sheena Zilinski (@sheenazilinski)

We’d love to hear how you practice gratitude, how your gratitude rituals have changed your life, and what your gratitude goals are.  Tag @woodlot or use the hashtag #ourwoodlot to share your journey with our community.

With love + light,

Woodlot xo