Ways to Practice Self-Love and Be Good To Yourself

In our media-saturated lives, an ever-increasing number of messages revolve around “loving ourselves.” The notion of self-love may mean something different for everyone, but the intention behind it is the same—to take charge of our own well-being and happiness.

Here are some ways you can bring acts of self-love into your daily life.

Set Boundaries

Before committing to too much, or doing something that you don’t want to do, check in with yourself. Setting boundaries is a way to know and understand your limits. When you set boundaries, you improve your relationships with yourself and others.

Focus on Your Own Life

Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Try not to waste time comparing yourself to others. If you can get grounded in what you’re doing and where you’re going, you'll be closer to discovering what it is you truly want out of life.   

Practice Self-Care

This may be as simple as taking care of your basic needs - i.e. eating well, getting regular sleep, moving your body, or relaxing. This may slo involve more TLC, such as: cuddle time, taking a bath, creating a beauty routine, or carving out some creative time.

Be Mindful

Breathe full, deep breaths, as often as you can. Breathing slowly helps bring awareness into the present moment, and helps us find acceptance for others, as well as ourselves.

Make Time for What You Love

Find out what makes you lose track of time, and do it! This is especially important for those who aren’t quite ready for the other tips listed above. Making time for what you love can include anything from getting together with friends, playing an instrument, building things, or playing a sport.

Whatever ways you choose to be good to yourself, the essence is always the same—you are valuable and worthy of it!