Woodlot Rituals // Breathe Deeply

There’s nothing quite like meditation to strengthen the connection between body and mind. Focused breathing, a deepened awareness of body and a clear mind engages the senses and creates space for creativity, inspiration and intuition. It’s a state that allows us to reconnect to feminine energy, the unconscious, and the space where great possibilities are birthed. It’s no surprise then, that introducing aromatherapy - by engaging your sense of smell - can deepen the experience.  

The human nose has over 400 scent receptors and the ability to distinguish over 1 trillion different odours. Our scent receptors are connected to the limbic system, the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion, which is why scent is a deeply personal experience.

Essential oils extend the benefits of scent, as every essential oil has hundreds of different active compounds, each with various benefits to mind, body and skin, making aromatherapy a beautiful addition to the wellness rituals you already know and love. So today we’re sharing our favourite ways to incorporate Woodlot Essential Oil Blends into your daily rituals!

Your Daily Rituals


An earthy blend of warming cedar, exotic patchouli and refreshing fir - we love using Cascadia during meditation. Tree oils are extremely grounding and work wonders on an over-stressed nervous system. Cedar in particular is excellent for battling nervous tension, anxiety, and lethargy.

Your ritual: Whenever you feel disconnected or unfocused add 10-15 drops to your diffuser and breathe in the grounding scents of the forest.


A musky blend of grounding vetiver, warming cedar and cinnamon and uplifting sweet orange essential oils. Cinder is the perfect oil for cold winter days and works to stimulate circulation. Cinnamon has pain relieving properties and a long history of use - from incense used in religious ceremonies to a warming foot massage.

Your ritual: We love adding 6 drops of Cinder to 1-2 tbsp our favourite plant oil (try avocado for an extra nourishing treat) and use for stimulating hand and foot massages to ease aches and pains.


A floral blend of refreshing bergamot, calming lavender, exotic patchouli and warming cedar. Flora is a soothing blend that relaxes the nervous system and encourages deep, restful sleep. Lavender is often used for insomnia and restless sleep and bergamot is an orange native to Italy that has balancing, calming benefits that uplift the spirit without over stimulating.

Your ritual: Dilute 10-15 drops of Flora in your favourite carrier oil, add to a warm bath and slip into botanical bliss.


An invigorating blend of soothing eucalyptus, aromatic vanilla, refreshing pine and uplifting sweet orange. Our go-to blend to increase feelings of confidence and well-being, eucalyptus and orange work together to dispel bad vibes and increase concentration.

Your ritual: Become a morning person with 10 drops of Original added to your diffuser. 


A stimulating blend of healing peppermint and renewing rosemary essential oils. Recharge is our favourite blend to help increase clarity and focus while supporting the respiratory system for an energized start to the day.

Your ritual: Add 10 drops to your morning shower and breathe in the lung expanding properties of Recharge.


An elevating blend of sweet and spicy clove, refreshing fir and woody balsam, Wildwoods is like wrapping yourself in a forest hug. Clove is especially warming and aids concentration, while also acting as an aphrodisiac ;)

Your ritual: Create cozy, chilled out vibes and add 10 drops to your diffuser before bed.

Woodlot xo

** Note - the information provided in this article should not be mistaken as medical advice. If you have any serious health concerns or are taking any prescription medication please consult your primary care practitioner before introducing any new essential oils. Please remember that our essential oil blends are not to be taken internally!