Woodlot Rituals | Dive Into Botanical Bliss

Whether or not we realize it, we come into contact with different energy vibrations every single day. From the grumpy co-worker to the hundreds of strangers on the daily commute - the people and environments we come into contact with each have their own vibrations, not all being high and positive! And while with effort and practice we’ll find negative energy has less of an impact, it can still build up overtime, leaving us feeling low and drained of our own vibrancy.

We love recommending a weekly or monthly botanical bath to reset and recharge because it’s an easy, relaxing ritual that ties in body and spirit. Bathing cleanses both physical body and aura, leaving us better able to wash away old patterns and habits, and protect our own energy from that which drains us.

It’s a common theme that you’ll find we always end up going back to - self-care. Carve out 20 minutes for this beautiful ritual and notice how calm, energized and radiant you feel.

The Ritual | Botanical Bliss

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 cup kaolin clay
  • 1 cup rose bud tea
  • ½ cup coconut milk powder
  • 10 drops Flora Essential Oil Blend
  • Fresh blooms (whatever you have on hand)

Turn the lights down low, light a candle and burn some palo santo.

Combine all ingredients into a tub of warm water (not hot - show your skin some love too!). Allow the botancials to soothe your skin and soul while the salt and clay gently detox both body and mind.

Keeping your attention on your breath, slowly breathe in and out through your nose. Release any physical tension from your body (shoulders, calves or wherever you usually carry it). Notice any physical or emotional sensations that arise - acknowledge them and then release. Remain in the bath for the full 20 minutes - no phone, no email, and no responsibilities.

Inspire ritual. Ignite conversation. This is Woodlot.