Introducing Woodlot Women - a deep dive into the world of female representation in beauty, through honest, real talk. We’re dedicated to sharing traditions of the past, to exposing stigmas of the present, and to inspiring hopes for the future. We’re on a mission to change beauty for the better, and we’re starting by sharing the stories of six fierce women who believe in the cause. Introducing our first Woodlot Woman - Lou. 

1. What beauty rituals or traditions have been passed onto you either from family, friends or muses of different generations?

From a young age, my mom always encouraged me not to wear makeup—unless I have to. Before I got into modeling, she always inspired me to see my real beauty. Even now, I wear makeup when I work, but I still feel like I don't need to cover up my face—she was right.

2. You’re a model with a flourishing career both locally and abroad. With all of the hours behind a camera, how do you maintain the wellness of your mind + mood?

Exercising. And making sure that I’m washing my face and moisturizingbasically, taking care of myself. Mentally though, I prepare for the day ahead by believing in myself—doing what I feel is right, regardless of the fear that someone else might not agree.

3. Is there a Woodlot product that you would make a part of your daily routine?

I really really like the Recharge Nourishing Body Lotion. The texture, how it feels on my skin, and the scent. It’s so refreshing—like putting a piece of mint gum in your mouth, but for your skin. 

4. What’s an observation, or something you might change about the way beauty and wellness is represented by brands of our time?

I feel like brands send messages that say you have to look a certain way, but there are so many tones and textures that are beautiful. Diversity is unique—we need to see it more in advertising, and make people feel comfortable in their own skin. 

Diversity needs to be celebrated.

5. We believe in in the power of fostering connection through traditions of wellness that transcend race, age, sex, or creed. When it comes to your own wellness philosophy, is there a universal truth that you might like to share with our readers?

My strongest belief is that beauty comes form the inside out. If you’re beautiful but have a bad personality, that means nothing to me—it doesn’t matter how you look. I find the most beautiful people are the ones who show kindness, or character.

Thank you for sharing, Lou! Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share more from the inspiring women we know and love.

- Woodlot xo