Keighty Gallagher, founder of Tight Club
Keighty Gallagher, founder of
Tight Club. Photo credit: Tight Club

Tight Club is our favorite way to stay fit and happy in Vancouver. Keighty Gallagher helped Sonia get tight back in 2013 when Tight Club classes were still held in the alley behind Keighty’s coach house.

Keighty Gallagher, founder of Tight ClubKeighty still offers personal training from the Coach House, but these days most of the action goes down at the new Field House location—a cool, sleek training space the Tight Club crew calls home now.

Team Woodlot sat down to chat with Keighty about gym bag essentials, GOOD bad habits, and how she keeps it Tight. <3

Tell us about the new space!

My favourite thing about the new location is definitely our hangout space in the front. We got our contractor to build a house frame over our front desk to make it feel like you’re literally walking into our home. We really wanted to set the mood that you’re in a safe, friendly space. Whether it’s before or after your workout, it’s a homey space for you to come sit and hang out with us.

The decor is so unique. Who made the white plaster Nike shoe planters, and the pommel horse benches? Are they local artists?

Yes! We have a couple really awesome collaborations up front. Ricky Alvarez of Tinto Creative took my favourite old school running shoe the Nike Cortez, and created plaster planters for us to hang on the wall. We also collaborated with a husband and wife duo called Gamma. They custom designed our circular marble tables, and those three beautiful benches out front are their creative take on the pommel horse.

Whose house? Tight Club's house. Photo credit: Tight Club

How do you stay Tight?

It’s so hard—which is such a bad excuse because I live in a gym. But! I’m starting to enjoy our Tuesday night runs, and I just started working with Ryan Diaz from Diaz Fitness around the corner from us. I’ve been learning how to kick box! Ryan is so tough and strong, he’s awesome. And it’s been an amazing experience—I get to kick the crap out of him and he just takes it.

White plaster planters by Tinto Creative
Nike Cortez plaster planters created by Tinto Creative. Photo credit: Tight Club

Gym bag essentials?

Extra underwear! Because your clothes will dry, but your underwear won’t. When I’m on the run, I really like VEGA bars, and the nut and seed juice from the Juice Truck, especially after a workout. There's lots of protein, it’s a really good recovery juice.

Tight Club Field House
Inside the Tight Club Field House. Photo Credit:
 Tight Club

Any advice for someone who is not living the Tight Life, but wants to?

Start by thinking about what you want, and what you want your ideal life to look like. What do you want to feel? Don’t think about how you want to look. Everyone wants to lose weight, but think about why? Figure out what your why is. It all comes down to how you want to feel. How you want to look will follow.

It all comes down to how you want to feel. How you want to look will follow.

When I was a teenager training to compete at the world championships for track, I just kept thinking Morocco 2005, Morocco 2005. When you have a voice in your head telling you something, it’s going to keep you on track. Find your mantra. It can be a phrase or it can be two words, but you need it. You need those words.

Find your mantra. If can be a phrase or it can be two words, but you need it. You need those words.

Favorite bad habits?

Oh man, I kinda live for my daily cookie. I really like the Hogan’s Alley oatmeal raisin. And you can’t go wrong with the chocolate chip cookie at Matchstick. I also really like drinking: a nice cold beer at the end of the day, you know? I don’t get to go out that often, but I like Boxcar.

What is a natural health ritual you swear by?

A mission of mine is to drink more water. When I wake up in the morning I chug a 40oz jug of lemon water. I also take half a teaspoon of spirulina and mix it in with magnesium citrate water—it’s good to start the day off with something green. Spirulina is super super high in antioxidants and protein, and magnesium citrate is really good for muscle recovery. Plus the citrate has a citrus flavour that cuts the disgusting flavour of spirulina. *laughs* I just stir it up, shoot it back, and make sure to wipe my face. I get a dark green cat eye (on the corner of my mouth) otherwise!

The future is TIGHT

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