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Your mom is so special, but sometimes it feels like she’s so special that finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is near impossible!

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, or you’re a mom looking to point your loved ones in the right direction, we hope this fun list of personality types helps you narrow it down.

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Eco Mom cares deeply about the environment, and she wants to do her part to make a difference. Help her lighten her footprint with natural skin care products that only contain simple, eco-friendly ingredients. Sustainable gifts like stylish vintage clothing or cruelty-free vegan makeup are your best bet for this conscious earth mom. Be sure to shop local too! 

Lisa Bonet + Zoe Kravitz
Lisa Bonet and her daughter, Zoe Kravitz


Rebel Mom is a risk-taker who loves to bend the rules, especially if it means everyone gets to have a little more fun. Mysterious and unpredictable, the Rebel can be a tough mom to shop for! We suggest a piece of avant-garde jewellery or a set of tarot cards—it’s bad luck to buy your own, you know! When in doubt, just remember: nothing says rebellion like a black leather jacket.

Laura Dern as Bobbi in Wild
Laura Dern as Bobbi, Cheryl Strayd's mother, in the movie adaptation of Wild


Explorer Mom is always dreaming of her next adventure. She's brave, spontaneous, and endlessly fascinated by the world. Explorer Mom is a great dinner party guest—if you can get her to sit down for more than a minute. The best gifts for the explorer are ones she can use, so look for handy travel gear or a beautiful journal, so she’ll never forget the first time she explores a new city, or shares another adventure with you.

Whether you take her out to brunch, buy her flowers, or just give her a big hug, we hope you and your mom have a wonderful Mother's Day together. <3

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