Our Woodlot: What's in a name?

Our Woodlot: What's in a name?

Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame, each to her passion. What’s in a name?
Helen Hunt Jackson

The name WOODLOT comes from our time spent in a yurt in the woods when we were developing our scents, which are inspired by memories or adventures. Many from childhood. WOODLOT just stuck with us.

WOODLOT gathers the essence of place and time. Sometimes you can have a somewhere described to you, and it’s as if you are there; in a deep forest, the salty edge of an ocean, head resting in a field of flora. But the scents of a place prove more powerful, triggering emotions, feelings + memories.

Vivid times in our lives are stamped by our sense of scent at a primal subconscious level, choosing us when we least expect it. Seeping deep into our psyches and resting there impenetrably, patiently. Releasing unexpected emotion in the flicker of each experience. Our eternal connection to flame and its life ambiance and its history of quiet honouring, happy celebration + daily reverence is simply elevating.

WOODLOT candles harness the ephemeral moments of bliss aroused by the sensory power of scent + warm flame, transporting us to a sense of wellbeing.

From a little spark may burst a flame.
Dante Alighieri

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