Full Moon Report by The Good Spirit

Astrological Implications

Who is in charge? If you ask any Aries they will tell you they are in charge. They aren’t wrong. Aries typically make fantastic leaders. So where does the problem lie? The problem lies in the question. Does there need to be one leader or can there be a group of leaders, advisors, and a support team to accomplish a certain objective? There are plenty of problems to solve so why do we keep operating as though one person is going to clear them all. 

Patriarchal power dynamics (let’s hope, of the past) focus on the “I” rather than the “We.” Being in power is overrated, temporary, a constant struggle, and very, three (or maybe more) years ago. Antiquated, high contrast power dynamics are embedded in our culture and the languages we speak every day. Let’s not forget, there is magic in words. Spelling. Get the joke? It isn’t until we start looking closely at the way we act, speak, and work with one another and reflect on the history of where our behaviours come from, that real progress can be made. 

Far more can be accomplished by each of us working together to achieve a set of goals that serves everyone. What are your unique strengths and passions, and how can you use them to help support causes that breathe fire and joy into your heart?

Tarot Card: The Chariot 

Determination is an awesome trait. The statuesque chariot sees their vision on the horizon and charges forward. They do not question whether they are going to succeed or not. They know they will. The essence of this card is that of a wartime chariot, not a royal chariot. These chariots run in packs and work together with each individual holding their reins to accomplish a shared vision when in battle. This brings us to the deeper question of 'who sent you into battle'? Since the chariot was invented by the Egyptians and is drawn by two sphinxes, I would say your mission is divinely guided. 

Care Ritual:

Some people believe they find the best solutions in the shower. I know I do. Invite someone into your shower and work out your problems together. It’s hard to argue with someone when they’re naked. 

We Suggest: 

Woodlot's Original Essential Oil - Add a few drops of Original Essential Oil blend into the shower and allow the steam to diffuse the scent. This refreshing and peaceful blend of fir, pine, calming eucalyptus, sweet vanilla, and orange helps to encourage equanimity.

Summary: A quote that has always stuck with me is “ I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me ” by Mother Teresa because where attention goes, energy flows. 



Woodlot & The Good Spirit

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