Full Moon Report by The Good Spirit

Full Moon in Taurus

Astrological Implications: 

Why is it a full moon in Taurus and not Tauri? Well, the last new moon (in Scorpio) told me to hand over power to the men and have them clarify their intentions, and they meant business. Since then, Taurus, which is a phenomenal sign when it comes to finances, charged forward to build collective sustainable wealth.

Taurus then is a Taur”us” because if it were a company, it would be publicly traded - with rising stock. Ding! Ding! Ding! Is that the sound of the NYSE opening? That is a trick question because it depends on what time zone you live in. Since we are well into Mercury Retrograde, the moon sold most of its assets and is now distributing good fortune. It has reaped a sizeable crop to take care of its friends, family, and even some strangers. This full moon, be prepared to graced by the kiss of a Taurean God in the form of good luck, gifts from the universe, and sensual comforts.

Tarot Card: 

Ten of Cups. What does it feel like to have all your wishes come true? And if they are not in the centre of your world at this moment, at least in some regard, you have hope that they will formulate within the next few months. Let that love penetrate through you, and magnetize your life x 10.

Care Ritual: 

Feeling tender and generous, I have started planning and organizing my holiday gifts in the form of my favourite things to put in customized care boxes for my loved ones.

We recommend: Woodlot’s Essential Oil Trio. This sensuous kit sets the stage for aromatic bliss. Perfectly packaged in a beautiful box, just in time for the holidays.

Summary: Fortune favours love.


Woodlot & The Good Spirit


This article was written by Savannah Olsen on November 12, 2019.

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