New Moon Report by The Good Spirit

New Moon in Virgo 
Astrological Implications:

We can have it all, follow our passions, and live out our wildest dreams. I really do believe this, but at some point, we also have to answer emails, catch up on accounting and yes, even cold call potential clients. Making money is, at times, pretty dull. 

This Virgo new moon cools our momentum parallel to the weather cooling. It is meant to ground our daydreaming so we can nurture our ideas into reality. It is going to ask you the following questions: How are you going to make that happen? With who? What does the cost look like? And can we fit that into the budget I’m keeping you to? After that, I expect to see a coordinating pie chart. You get the point. 

With Venus also in Virgo and squaring Jupiter, our desire for pleasure, luxury, and love are on the table. Jupiter wants to expand this area for us, but hold up a minute - Do not expect movement overnight. The new moon in Virgo asks us to take practical solutions in manifesting our desires, especially around upgrading our lifestyle. 

Tarot Card: Three of Wands 

The Three of Wands is about making plans for a brighter future and taking the necessary steps for your ship to come in smoothly. There is an element of waiting in this card. Some personalities might find it a bit frustrating. I mean, you have been working and planning forever. In the meantime, focus on small joys and take the steps necessary to receive your gifts. If you want to go to Italy, start learning Italian. If you are going to buy a Ducati, get your license upgraded now. Refine and update your resume before you see the job posting. Go about your life working towards the when, not if. 

Self-Care Tip: My self-care tip involves becoming deeply present. Slow down and have gratitude for the present moment. Engage your senses. 

Then after you have filled your cup by observing all that is “right” around you. Do a quick journal entry on the steps you need to take to see your long term manifestations come in smoothly. 

We suggest: 

Recharge – 8oz Candle 

Ignite and experience an herbaceous escape, while benefiting from rosemary’s natural ability to boost mental activity. 

Carve out some time each day to journal your desires and plans for the future. Get specific about the steps you plan to take in order to get there. Set intentions and focus on nurturing your dreams into reality.

Summary: Start doing the work. The Universe will meet you halfway. 


Woodlot & The Good Spirit

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