New Moon Report by The Good Spirit

New Moon in Scorpio

Astrological Implications:

Everyone gets hyped up on Full Moons because they are complete. I feel like the collective assumption is that New Moons aren’t as important. This is not true. New Moons are critical because they are about creating new energy and setting intentions to foster change after we’ve released a bunch of personal baggage on the Full Moon.

The essence of Mars is competition and masculine energy. With explorers battling it out to see who will conquer and thus develop Mars first, I wonder.... what does Mars think? Hey, space colonizer, have you asked Mars what it wants? I don't think anyone has, so its friend, the Moon, must bring some new ideas to the table as it opposes Uranus, ruled by Aquarius: a sign that always has the most innovative, original and forward-thinking ideas.

I get the real sense right now that Scorpio is kind of pissed off. For the most part, Scorpio keeps to itself, in the dark, and holds plenty of secrets. They like it that way (I should know, I have four planets in Scorpio in my natal chart). They usually mind their own business, but if you consistently disrespect a Scorpio's boundaries, you are getting stung hard for sure.

Tarot Card: The Devil

Another collective assumption is that the Devil is scary. She's not that scary. Most people look at spirituality and religion within the context of the last several thousand years. If you go back even further, there is plenty more to learn. Gnostics believe that a demi-God and Devil are acting out a pretend battle, while a supreme God, of substantially pure love, watches over. Lucifer was thought to be God's sidekick who got too powerful, and so God sent her down to earth to play. Like, here you go, you can play over there while I continue to do my work. Lucifer is associated with Venus, the planet of beauty, romance, and love. The name means "light-bringer" in Hebrew. Is the battle of good and evil just a conflict between the sexes?

Care ritual:

What intentions can you set to make more room for feminine energy in your life? How do you take care of the females in your life? If you are a woman, what intention can you set to help celebrate your femininity and everything that makes you beautiful? Intuition, knowing, compassion, and nurturing.

We suggest:

Woodlot’s Amour Essential Oil & Amour Body LotionCancel your plans, turn off your phone and don’t tell anyone where you are. Get in your float tank. Add a few drops of Amour Essential Oil to your evening bath. Take a few moments to appreciate your body and all that it does for you each day. Allow yourself to fully relax. Follow up with a self-massage using Woodlot’s Amour Body Lotion to keep your skin hydrated.

Summary: Lucifer is a woman.


Woodlot & The Good Spirit




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