New Moon Report by The Good Spirit

New Moon in Sagittarius

Astrological Implications:

Can you die laughing? Yes. And the joke will most likely be told by a Sagittarius in a well-timed, highly offensive, personal truth that will be so funny you will forget to be hurt. You’ll be too busy shaking your head and chuckling under your breath. That is how they get away with most of their "bad behaviour" and in life in general. Backed by lucky Jupiter, a new moon in Sagittarius always seems to get by, not knowing what is going to happen next. And if things do go awry, they will transfer back into their philosophical depth and undoubtedly ask, “What does it all mean anyway?” They equally delight in the design of a 25 cent candy wrapper as much as a 2 million dollar highly prized piece of art. “It’s all beautiful,” the sun shouts back. Isn’t it? 

We are finally out of Mercury Retrograde, and enough time has passed that it is safe to take action on your path without the skies holding back progress. Y’all want to complain about Mercury Retrograde, but did it save your ass in a big way? Probably. 

Tarot Card: Two of Swords 

All good things come from the heart. When you go through life with a crossed heart, you become the only one holding yourself back. Develop a healthy relationship with the material, spiritual, and physical realm. The more you can let go of your attachments, the more loving you become. Having an open heart means acting from a place of gratitude for whatever comes your way, and acting in service of those around you.

Care Ritual: 

What can you do to be of service to others? Be considerate of those who feel they do not have enough. While you may feel fine, others may have a hard time settling into all the “holiday cheer”. I opt for a "one for me, one for you" solution. 

We recommend: The Palo Santo Gift Set x 2. The ultimate self-care trio that is meant to be shared and enjoyed! So why not treat yourself and a friend this holiday season. If you ask a friend, they will tell you that you deserve it, too. 

Summary: One for me, one for you. 


Woodlot & The Good Spirit

This article was written by Savannah Olsen on November 26, 2019.

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