Top 8 Green Alternatives to Air Conditioning—Beat the Heat, Naturally

woodlot heatwave
Skip the overpriced air conditioner with Woodlot's Top 8 natural ways to keep cool.

The dog days of summer are upon us, and one thing is for sure— While running out and buying the Cadillac of air conditioners may feel like your only option, this will be a burden to your wallet and, to be real—it isn’t the best thing for the air in your home. The good news is that there are many cheaper, greener ways to cool you down when a heat wave hits. Here's eight easy ways to keep it breezy during a heatwave.

  • 8. Turn your lights down low
  • It may sound simple, but dimming all the lights in your place is a surefire way to lower temperatures. When the heat rolls in, turn off your lights, shut the blinds, and tune into a breezy summer movie on Netflix.

  • 7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • The number one way to avoid heat stroke is to drink all the water. Make sure to bring a water bottle with you wherever you go, and to get in those eight glasses a day at all costs. Want to up the cool factor? Add cucumber or mint to make your water extra chilly (and delicious).

  • 6. Hit the floor
  • It’s science: hot air rises. On those restless, hot nights when you just can’t get cool, make a cozy fort on the floor with light cotton sheets or blankets. This will not only conjure nostalgic sleepover party feels, but will also help you chill out when it’s hotter-than-hot.

  • 5. Spritz it
  • Before bed, at your desk, or when you’re on the go, Woodlot mists are a lifesaver in the heat. Both the Palo Santo Mist and the Lavender Bergamot Refreshing Mist are wonderfully cooling. Stash them in the fridge then throw them in your purse before you head out for the day, or spritz them on your pillow just before bed for a calm, cool slumber.

  • 4. Macgyver your AC
  • This trick may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie. Fill a bowl with ice and place it at the base of a fan. The air will blow off the ice and release an extra chilled air. It’s the closest thing there is to magic.

  • 3. Be cool
  • When you get home after a long day and your place is just as hot as it is outside, cold compresses are your best friend. Wet some washcloths with cool water and leave them in the freezer until they’re as chilled as you can handle. Place the washcloths in spots that typically gather the most heat. Think: forehead, neck, armpits, and behind the knees.

  • 2. Lighten up
  • When you’re choosing your pj’s in a heat wave, opt for natural fabrics and cottons to maximize airflow. Synthetic fabrics and polyester will cling to sweaty skin and leave you feeling sticky. If the heat has reached critical level, you may want to be brave and ditch all the clothes. Birthday suit sleeps are kind of the best.

  • 1. Say no to the stove
  • The last thing you need on hot summer nights is added heat from the stove. Skip the stove and whip up a salad, a smoothie bowl, or something quick, heat-free, and easy.

    Until next time—stay cool, friends!

    Team Woodlot

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