Woodlot Horoscopes for April 2017

This month's horoscopes were written in collaboration with Andi Astre (aka Mystic Sandwich) of The Good Spirit—a curated metaphysical boutique in Vancouver that aims to provide clarity in your spiritual path by way of introspection, intuition, and inspiration. 

Where do I end, and you begin? Sometimes it's harder to tell than it should be. Sometimes we lose ourselves in others, or we go to the other extreme and close ourselves off, forgetting that relating is an essential part of who we are. April is a month to contemplate the balance between self and other, to get really clear on who we are, what we value, and what we want—and then to communicate that to others. The stars support us this month to gently yet assertively put words to our feelings, ask for what we need, and state our boundaries. This energy is not about charging forward, but turning within: asking ourselves and our loved ones for clarity. Through this work, our relationships grow stronger.

Zodiac illustrations by Katie Maasik

Aries by Katie Maasik

(March 21-April 19)

This month I emerge from the darkness of winter into the light of my being. I see clearly the thoughts and behaviours that only hold me back, that maybe served a purpose once, but now only serve to hide my light. Because I see it now, I can let it go. I release what no longer serves me, and in letting go of that weight I emerge lighter and more free. With the innate courage that is the gift of all Aries, I step into the unknown that is my future. I feel the immense boost the universe offers me this month, and I allow it to carry me forward into the future I dream of. I harness this energy to find my voice, to step into my truth, to be unapologetically me.

Taurus by Katie Maasik

(April 20-May 20)

This month I clear out the closets of my mind and heart. I do the work of spring-cleaning my soul, anticipating how good it will feel to inhabit a newly uncluttered being. My depths are stirred. The dust rises. I become aware of what until now had been unconscious. This month I’m gifted with vision. I see the habits of my soul that I was so accustomed to, I couldn’t see. I see how I’d been holding myself back. This month, I prepare for my coming renewal and rebirth. This month I descend into the watery depths of my soul. I do the work. Because that’s what it takes to be transformed. In undergoing this sacred initiation, I honour myself by taking the time to slow down, rest, and reflect. I nourish myself and give myself what I need.

Gemini by Katie Maasik

(May 21-June 21)

This month I reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. I feel the injection of energy into my social life. This energy enables me to clarify what I need and desire from the people in my life. I see the ways in which I overextend myself and deplete myself by offering too much, by doing too much. I see how I can take care of myself by clarifying my boundaries, by knowing when to withdraw and take time to take care, to reflect, to be quiet. This month I rediscover creativity. I come to better understand the ways in which I express myself. I see how giving myself the time to be creative enhances my social life, and vice versa. The more I am true to myself and my uniqueness, the more I connect with those souls who truly support me in who I am. I see how expressing myself creatively, and the people who support me in that, are the very aspects of life that carry my hopes and dreams to fruition.

Cancer by Katie Maasik

(June 21-July 22)

This month I feel more at home in the world. This month I come to better understand my role within society. I see clearly that what I have to offer is also what gives me joy. I reflect on how I want to feel when it comes to my career. I consider what I want and need, and take steps toward achieving that. I gain understanding into my own inherent gifts, and I feel the bliss that comes from expressing them. I let go of the guilt I’ve carried from doing what I love. I come to see that doing what I love isn’t selfish, it's how I can best serve others. When, with passion and love, I express my unique gifts, I am energized. Others feel the energy and benefit. I see that there is no conflict between my home life and my public life. I allow myself time to retreat and rest and see how this in turn nourishes my work. I welcome the blessings the universe offers me in my career this month. I know I’m finding my place in the world.

Leo by Katie Maasik

(July 23-August 22)

This month offers me a whole new paradigm. I contemplate what I believe and what is true to me. With courage, I loosen the hold on my beliefs so that my worldview can evolve. I clarify how I see the world and tap into my own intuitive knowing. I reconsider what is most important to me, and in so doing, my own personal philosophy crystallizes after a period of transition. I come to understand the balance between collecting information, doing research, learning from others, and then turning within to consult my intuition. I see that no one else knows better I do what is true for me. I come to recognize my own authority. I realize that we gain in knowledge by turning away from the information at some point, in order to decide what’s true for ourselves. I see that the facts must be filtered through my own personal worldview. I see that we learn more by learning less. We find wisdom in intuition, and truth in silence. This month, I take the time for silence, in order to discover my personal truth. 

Virgo by Katie Maasik

(August 23-September 22)

I am undergoing a transformation that will bring me to a better place, that will bring more intimacy into my life. Loss, whether of relationships or of my sense of self, is the necessary prelude to gain. Letting go is required in order to transform into someone more whole, more authentic. Not all endings signal failure. Not everything is meant to last forever. I allow myself to grieve, knowing that endings lead to new beginnings. I take this time to reflect on boundaries. Do I allow myself to open to others and to intimacy? The scary thing about intimacy is that is requires loosening my hold on my self. It may even require letting go of some aspects of who I am. I let go, knowing that this is the path to true connection, to real intimacy. I risk this loss, understanding the immense joy it can bring. I have the courage to have the difficult conversations about how to share space and resources, and about what it means to be intimate. This month offers a powerful opportunity to shed layers, to let go of my old self, and to make way for new opportunities, new intimacy, and deeper love.

Libra by Katie Maasik

(September 23-October 22)

I am my own person, complete and whole. This month, I stand more firmly on my own two feet. I am learning to be true to myself, rather than aiming only to please others. Other people may surprise me. They may come and go when I least expect it. They may be kind or hurtful, and I can’t control it. This month I accept that I can’t control others, I can only control my response to them. This month I feel more secure in who I am. I feel better equipped to meet others as equals. This month I consider what I value in relationships, and what I need and want from them. I find the courage to assert my needs and desires, and clear the space for new relationships that truly serve me. I ready myself to meet the people who can meet me where I’m at, the people who will value me for who I am, the people who will treat me as I deserve. I prepare myself for new relationships that feed my soul, enhance my life, and inspire my evolution.

Scorpio by Katie Maasik

(October 23-November 21)

When life gets busy, I go along for the ride. I surrender to surprise. I welcome spontaneity and the unexpected, knowing that’s where opportunity and insight lie. I discover my capacity for flexibility and adaptation. I bend around the flows of life. I consider how I structure my days, and loosen that structure so that it may shift in accordance with my life. I allow routines to change when they’ve outlived their function. I adapt to the new shape of my new life. I welcome my ongoing transformation. Without guilt or shame or even effort, I release the habits that no longer serve me. A new shape for my life is emerging. It's a structure that is efficient, flowing, easeful. Not because I decided how it should be, but because I allow it to take shape naturally, guided by the rhythms of the stars and earth, guided by my intuition. This month I will watch as my life becomes easier and happier.  

Sagittarius by Katie Maasik

(November 22-December 21)

I am a deeply creative being. I have unique gifts. There are ideas and insights that flow only through me. I am here on earth to contribute in a way that only I can. This month I open more fully to my own creative genius. This month I receive insights that help me align with my unique gifts. I harness the creative energy that flows through me. When I step out of my own way and open myself to the universe, I become a channel for cosmic creativity. And when I open more and more to who I am, when I discover more and more of my unique gifts, I attract the friends who appreciate me for who I am, and who support me on my journey. I am open to these new people, people who see me for who I am, people with whom I can have a real connection.

Capricorn by Katie Maasik

(December 22-January 19)

Grooves and patterns structure the mind from our earliest days. This month I gain awareness of how my mind works, of how I’ve been shaped by my family and early home life. And in so doing I make possible the freedom to choose differently. I unlock the potential to release deeply ingrained mind ruts, to let go of old attachments and habits, to overcome deeply held fears and expectations. I am not the people who raised me. I am not my family. I am not my society. I am myself. This month I am more myself than ever. I allow the natural restructuring of my mind that allows greater freedom and individuality. I connect with my inner child and let it know that I am the adult now and I will give it all the care and love it needs. I will not let it down. I will not let myself down. I am here for myself. I recognize that changes in my home life, in my living situation reflect deeper changes within me. This month I come to feel more at home in the world and in my own skin.

Aquarius by Katie Maasik

(January 19-February 18)

This month my mind is fired up with creativity and insight, with new ideas and innovative solutions. I enjoy the creative thoughts flowing through me. I recognize that I need to take care so as to not be run down by my mental effort. I find grounding. I spend time in nature, I make space for silence. I meditate. I do the practices that soothe my soul. Then I harness the cosmic insight that flows through me. This month I’m inspired. I recognize that these ideas are not my own, but are gifted from the universe, and so I treat them with respect. I make use of them. I write them down, I speak to them, I act on them. I harness my inherent capacity to envision the future, and to help humanity reach its highest future potential. I use my creativity in service of this ideal.

Pisces by Katie Maasik

(February 19-March 20)

I recognize the paradox that we are all one, yet at the same time I am a unique individual. I recognize my own personal boundaries because I value myself. I am compassionate and sensitive to others, and at the same time I honour myself and my own needs. I recognize that a part of compassion means communicating my needs and boundaries to others. This month I assert myself, gently yet firmly. I feel a renewal in my own self worth. I recognize that I am worthy. I have nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with me. I am perfect as I am and exactly where I need to be. I am a beautiful creation of the universe and the universe flows through me. I allow the gifts and the abundance the universe offers. I allow myself to feel good, I allow my cup to be filled—because I deserve it.



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