Woodlot Horoscopes for December 2016

Woodlot Horoscopes for December 2016

As the year draws to a close, we yearn for satisfying resolutions. We want to believe we can check each box off our list. That we can untie the strings around our fingers and forget. But it is not in our power to close every door that leads to darkness. Nor would we want to. Our paths will continue to wind into the new year. The forks in the road force us to pause. The twists and turns will challenge us. But we will not move mindlessly. We will move with purpose, and use each new experience as a chance to consider how far we have come. The future is filled with possibilities. Now is the time to reflect. So that when we are called to choose, we will know in our hearts which path we must pick.

Zodiac illustrations by Katie Maasik

Aries by Katie Maasik

(March 21-April 19)

This month I may feel nostalgic for another time, when loved ones felt closer and everything seemed to come easier to me. I know it’s natural to seek comfort in my memories. I don’t mind indulging the past, as long as I keep my feet planted firmly in the present. After all, I am about to see the results of the hard work I’ve put in these past few months. My future will soon outshine my past. But first I need to be patient with myself. I must accept that even I (mighty Aries!) will falter now and then. Sometimes my life feels like a test that I can pass with flying colours. Other times it feels like there’s always another meaningless hoop to jump through. Lately I’ve felt like these hills I’m climbing are more like one giant, insurmountable mountain—but I refuse to admit defeat. I won’t let my people down. I will continue to lead. I’ve learned it’s the unexpected challenges that guide me toward the highest rewards. So I will keep moving forward. I will stay strong. My sights are not far off. I can see the summit ahead.

Taurus by Katie Maasik

(April 20-May 20)

I feel out of touch with the world lately. I usually pride myself on my practical, no-nonsense approach, but these days a strange sense of vertigo has been interfering with my ability to find level ground. I am taking on too much. I need to step back and breathe. I will find a quiet place to orient myself, and refocus on my own needs. I am letting too many people pull me in too many directions, but I will soon feel the end to this dizziness. This month I will let the anxious heat float off my body. A cool breeze is about to blow through my life and refresh my spirits. I see this breeze arriving in the form of a thoughtful gift, a free-spirited traveler, or a surprising financial reward. The winds are changing, and they bring with them new joys and relief from pain. I am here, ready and willing, to greet them when they arrive.

Gemini by Katie Maasik

(May 21-June 21)

I can’t help it, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I want to share and talk about everything, all the time. I love communicating and meeting new people, but sometimes my need for connection can backfire on me. I can be loud! I can be impulsive! I can definitely be the black sheep! And this month I truly feel like I’ve got a target on my back—like the ones closest to me are loosing all their arrows upon me. I don’t deserve this! I give and I give, yet my efforts are taken for granted, even laughed at! But just watch me. I’m not going to do what they expect this time. I’m not going to fire back. Nope. Instead I’m going to gather my wits and work on a plan. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got myself into some pretty sticky situations in the past—but I’ve also gotten myself out of them too. So don’t give up on me yet. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Trust in my resilient nature. I just might surprise you.

Cancer by Katie Maasik

(June 21-July 22)

This month I see myself flying high over a great chasm. My sensible side says to enjoy the marvellous heights I’ve reached, to revel in my achievements—but I’m drawn to the darkness below. The mystery of the unknown calls to me. What will I find there? Danger, yes—but also excitement and self-knowledge. Insights into the self are often hard won, but the closing of the year is offering me many opportunities to look hard into who I wish to be. The space between me and them may feel unfathomable, but the high ground is already mine—I just need to reach out and offer a hand up. Though I typically enjoy using my power to influence the ones around me, I am in a unique position to share my wealth this month. Instead of holding fast to the things and people I value, I will release them. I will choose to grow with the ones around me, and try to listen, even when their viewpoints differ so drastically from my own. I will do my best to offer them my generous side.

Leo by Katie Maasik

(July 23-August 22)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve stood out from the crowd. People are drawn to me. I’ve never had to put much work into making friends. I’m not ashamed to say that being popular is important to me. I like being surrounded by fun people who like to have a good time. Self-expression comes so naturally to me that I often find it difficult to be around quiet or reserved people. Their distance infuriates me—I just want to shake a reaction out them! This month there is one person in particular who is posing a challenge to me. This person is a closed book. My usual charms are not working on them. I find their reticence very alluring, they’re like a puzzle I’ve become obsessed with solving—except you can’t solve a person! So instead I’ll be spending this month mooning around thinking about them, until the next beguiling soul comes around and catches my eye.

Virgo by Katie Maasik

(August 23-September 22)

This is embarrassing to say, but I know I can be great. I’ve seen how successful I can be when I apply myself. I can create wonderful things. I can bring people together. I can lead. But the same keen perception that enables me to achieve so much also hinders me. I can envision every future, and imagine every possibility. This vision can overwhelm the people around me. I need to work on my patience. I see pointing out mistakes as an efficient way to correct and move forward. But my blunt direction can sound like harsh judgement to some. This month I will not soften my approach as I have in the past. That approach has only hindered me. Instead I will invite my colleagues to see as I see. I will offer words to fill the gaps. I will translate my language for all to hear and understand. And I will shift slightly to allow myself to hear things from their angle. At first our dissident voices will sound like noise. But over time, we will hear a new dimension and depth to our shared expression. 

Libra by Katie Maasik

(September 23-October 22)

I’m fighting against the way things are right now. I have an image in my mind—a perfect illusion of how the world should work, and people could be. But my reality is not matching this image. In fact it’s not even close! I’ve been here before. I know what to do. I will examine my perfect model. I will try see it for what it is: a beautiful fiction of my own imagination. But who’s to say I can’t create parts of my perfect world? I am creative and bold. I can make my ideas happen. This month I will create harmony by making a place of my own. Starting small is the way. I will retreat for a short time, in order to heal. When I have access to my full power, I am a conduit of peace for others. My vision of the world inspires them. I help my loved ones see themselves as I do. I help them live their best lives. I can live my best life too. I may think that striving for balance will lead to my happiness. But I enjoy switching the weight on the scale too much. Happiness will only come for me when I accept myself as an imperfect being, one still worthy of love. 

Scorpio by Katie Maasik

(October 23-November 21)

I’m not sure what started it, but something strange has been brewing inside me for some time. Quiet mornings alone, brisk walks through the rain, time spent curled up with my animal friends—these experiences have only heightened the feeling. Could it be...contentment? I can feel my hard shell in danger of softening. But I am pleased for the chance to let my guard down for once. All too often I find myself carrying the load alone, yet lately my burden seems lessened. I will look around this month. I will notice the kind souls around me. These are the people close by who are easing my pain. They do this with no expectation of reward. It is up to me to recognize them, and bring them closer to me. My intensity is useful because it drives away those who fear action and change. But these helpers are quietly communicating a desire to follow me. They share my vision for a more sincere and just world. Together we can build something truly great.  

Sagittarius by Katie Maasik

(November 22-December 21)

On the surface I appear cool and unruffled, but there’s a fire raging inside me that never seems to let up. I know it’s up to me how I choose to use the energy, but I still find it difficult to harness the power. I can feel it swirling fiercely around me, but I’m often afraid to put it to use. Maybe it’s because the people I love have been burnt by it before. This time it’s different. I can wield my power. I’ve seen how my fire can warm my friends and family—and raze my enemies to the ground. I’ve grown a lot this year. New friendships have rekindled past passions. I’ve brought light back to parts of myself that I thought were snuffed out for good. I am ready to reinvent myself by drawing on the best parts of my past selves. I seek out the unfamiliar, but I am drawn back to the comfort of the rare people who have retained my attention over the years. I see most relationships as transactional, but some, like the connection I share with those in my inner circle, have the power to transform my life for the better.

Capricorn by Katie Maasik

(December 22- January 19)

I find immense joy in my work, especially when it allows me to create. I am a builder. I like to bring the images of my mind into reality, and share my art with others. I can work with others, and often enjoy the feeling of collaboration. But to build my best work, I prefer time alone. Yet solitude often invites loneliness into my heart. When I’m in the flow of my work, I am invulnerable to its gloomy pangs. Yet when the thrill of creation has passed, I am vulnerable and loneliness descends like a fog. I won’t lie: sometimes I enjoy wallowing in the sadness. Other times those idle days can wind me up. Suddenly I move from slothful to speedy. But in this manic state I cannot access the usual joy I find in my work. I toil without purpose. It is the movement that keeps the darkness at bay, and so I move. This month I will strive to be mindful of my movements. I will leave my safe place. I will allow others a glimpse of my process. I may even invite a trusted few into my creative space. Then when I am lost, they will know where to find me and pull me back out again. 

Aquarius by Katie Maasik

(January 19-February 18)

Some days I feel like an old soul. Other days I feel like I was born yesterday. In one moment I can see the world as a broken, chaotic place, and in the next, a bountiful source of hope and renewal. My mood is ever changing. I am overwhelmed by all the paths I could take, and all people I could be. I’m told “still waters run deep,” but lately I’ve been feeling a strong urge to express myself in words. I want to write again, to record the minutiae of my day. I imagine it may reveal something profound to me, or at least reveal the mysterious patterns that organize my mind and habits. If nothing else, it’s nice to clear some space up there in that cluttered head of mine. There really is something to bringing the inside out. What’s the point of all this knowledge if it stays traps in my head? As this year comes to a close, I will focus on sharing my passions with another, and passing my skills along to those who could benefit from them. If I grant myself the authority, I can be a great teacher. 

Pisces by Katie Maasik

(February19-March 20)

As the year closes, an overwhelming sense of “coming home” will wash over me. Something has been driving me toward the familiar. I miss the faces I once knew well, the sights and sounds of the places I’ve left behind, but I also fear them. I am very good at creating a bubble wherever I go, but the energy it takes to sustain it exhausts me. I feel depleted by the effort. I’m ready to return to the place I know best. I will rest there. I will recharge. I will heal among the people who knew me when. But to see the good people, I must confront the ones who look down upon me. Suspense and anticipation swirls around me. These forces push me toward my future—one that will only come to fruition if I can soothe the ghosts of my past. My intuition tells me this month will be one of great strength and regeneration, but only if I am brave enough to return and reconsider the places that made me who I am.

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