Woodlot Horoscopes for May 2017

This month's horoscopes were written in collaboration with Andi Astre (aka Mystic Sandwich) of The Good Spirit—a curated metaphysical boutique in Vancouver that aims to provide clarity in your spiritual path by way of introspection, intuition, and inspiration. 

In May the calm of Taurus season surrounds us with lush new life, the sweet scents and sights of spring. After some turbulence, the energy stabilizes and supports steady effort. We’re coming out of a couple months of review and reflection. Hopefully we have a better sense of our values, and what we need and want in our relationships. With Venus now direct, and Mercury direct as of May 3rd, the energy begins moving forward again and picks up speed throughout the month. A conjunction between Uranus and Mercury will bring lightning bolts of insight, innovative ideas, and surprising messages. Saturn can help us bring these ideas down to earth, and make something lasting out of them. Mars square with Neptune mid-month may indicate doubt, confusion, or discouragement. Don’t give up. This is just a little test of our conviction. Let’s stay strong and remember: together we create the future through our dreams and actions. 

Zodiac illustrations by Katie Maasik

Aries by Katie Maasik

(March 21-April 19)

I become aware of the self-defeating thoughts that run in a loop in the background, quietly, but incessantly—like a tired radio station only barely audible. Now that I hear them, I understand they don’t belong to me. Someone else left this station on. I’ve inherited these thoughts from my family and culture. I became so accustomed to them, that I thought they were mine. These thoughts tell me I am lesser. But I know all humans are incredible creations of the universe—beautiful, worthy, and deserving of a good life. The Sun in Taurus inaugurates a new cycle in my house of values, self-worth, and finances. I honour my own value by inviting into my life abundance, support, and sustainable income. I welcome being treated with respect and integrity, and I begin by treating myself that way. I see now that I deserve it. I seek balance by sharing as well as receiving, by offering support as well as accepting it, by seeking intimacy as well as solitude. As the circling thoughts in the background begin to quiet, my mind opens to ideas and insight that are offered to me from realms beyond this one. The daemon whispers to me words that are meant to rocket me to a whole new level of being, to bring me greater freedom and individuality.

Taurus by Katie Maasik

(April 20-May 20)

A wave of new energy washes over me. I’m revitalized and refreshed. I feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm. I am electrified into presence. The colours and textures are vibrant and pulsing, the lushness of what is wakes me and holds me here. I understand I am infinite. I am so much more than my identity. And yet, I value identity for what it is: a necessary and useful mythology of self. This month, I clarify who I am, and how I present myself to others. In so doing, I feel more at home in the world. I shake any lingering desire to conform or please others as I step more fully into my unique sense of self. Some otherworldly beings nudge me toward loving myself more. They help me see that when I compare myself to others, when I feel greater or lesser, I only undermine my own sense of value. I find self-worth, truly, when I see that everyone is equally worthy. This is mental preparation for next month when I begin a new cycle of worth and value.

Gemini by Katie Maasik

(May 21-June 21)

This month is for Spring cleaning. As I clear and organize and care for the space around me, I do the same within me. This month the Sun shines a light on all the corners in my depths. I see and then clean out the patterns of thought and behaviour that are nothing but old cobwebs and dust. The tired old patterns that only undermine me and clog up my mind. This month I set the intention to release these patterns, and watch the magic happen. In setting the intention, at first, my mind will be busy. It will feel like regressing, but I know that this is just the dust being stirred up. By mid-month, my mind is calmer, more clear, more spacious. I revel in the moments of stillness and presence. I indulge in sensation, in being a human with a body, on earth, capable of experiencing pleasure and embodiment. This presence and pleasure prepares me for making important new social connections, for revolutionary insight that comes in through my social networks and community. I seek balance by bringing the newfound calm with me to the tasks and duties of everyday life. I seek to balance retreat from life, and engagement with it. I seek transcendence in the minutia of the everyday.

Cancer by Katie Maasik

(June 21-July 22)

This month the Sun and Moon offer me the gift of community. I consider what I want and need from my friendships, contacts, and the groups organizations I belong to. While staying true to my inner guidance and sense of self, I open my arms and my circle. I accept new friendship and connections. I allow myself to belong. I come home to community. I sense my connectedness within the web of humanity, and feel how I’m supported within it. I understand that this web offers opportunities that can make my dreams come true. I seek balance this month by taking time to create, to have fun, to play, and enjoy myself. I remember the part of myself that is forever a child, innocent and present, gifted in the art of play. I know that the more I am myself and express myself in ways that feel true to me, the more I will connect with those who truly see me and accept me for who I am. The more I find belonging, the easier it is for me to contribute in a meaningful way. I receive insight this month into how I can best contribute, how I can offer my unique gifts to the world.

Leo by Katie Maasik

(July 23-August 22)

More than ever I allow my Leo passion to guide me. The Lion’s bountiful energy can’t be muted, it can only be directed. If it’s not directed, it will find some possibly troublesome outlet for release. This month I gain greater mastery over this incredible creative outpouring of energy. This month I become more and more clear on what I have to offer. I step more fully into my role. I have unique gifts, and an original mode of expression. I have something of value to offer the human community. This month I feel more confident and comfortable in offering my gifts to others. I accept the responsibility and authority that comes with that. I let go of any guilt around doing what I love. I release the notion that we ought to work harder and suffer more. I accept that work can be fun and easy and joyous. I envision a world in which everyone is valued for contributing in the way they desire, according to their unique gifts. I seek balance by also spending time at home, by withdrawing into myself, by seeking comfort, support, and self care. This month I stay open to the inspiration and guidance that Hermes may offer me, the little nudges in the direction of my evolution and joy, the clarity around my personal beliefs and worldview.

Virgo by Katie Maasik

(August 23-September 22)

A new horizon stretches before me as I become aware of how beliefs determine what’s possible. My world is shaken as I release the beliefs I’ve been holding only because I forgot I was holding them. Then my world becomes more open and free. I contemplate new perspectives, new beliefs, new worldviews. I understand that as we evolve, our worldview evolves with us. I see that personal subjective truth is just as important as consensual, factual reality. I let go of the desire to please others. I release the tendency to follow others’ advice. I value the advice, suggestions, facts, and opinions of others, but I hold them up to the light of my own truth. In this way I make decisions that are informed and yet in line with my own soul. Even with this newfound independence, I’m open to support—emotional, financial, energetic—from perhaps surprising sources. I see that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. I’m comfortable serving others. I’m learning to be served. I see that receiving is a sort of work, and requires me to let go of some aspect of my identity. Life is getting easier.

Libra by Katie Maasik

(September 23-October 22)

This month I consider what intimacy means to me. I summon the courage to go deep, to become entangled. I let my guard down. I know the risk is worth the reward of connectedness. I know that intimacy requires I let go, release my hold, lose some part of myself, give up control. I know there must be a sacrifice to receive the boon of closeness. I open to the other. I see them, feel them, let them in. I listen. I seek balance by clarifying my own boundaries, needs, and values. I seek the balance between giving and receiving. I seek to share while respecting my own limits. As well as allowing for the natural deepening of the relationships I already have, I’m also open to meeting new people. I know that sometimes the most significant connections are made by accident, when and where I least expect it. Someone close to me may surprise me this month. I may receive some shocking news. I accept that part of being in relationship is that others have a will of their own and don’t always say or do what I expect. I expect the unexpected.

Scorpio by Katie Maasik

(October 23-November 21)

I renew my commitment to relationship. I recall the value of friendships, client relationships, partnerships, collaborations, romantic relationships. I see how integral these connections are to my happiness and well-being. I meet these other souls with openness and curiosity. I want to hear what they have to say. I want to learn what they’re here to teach me. I remember that there is no chance connection—all these souls are in my life for a reason. This month, I gain clarity on the reasons. I set intentions around how I would like to relate to others. I imagine how I’d like to feel in relationships. I call into my life the relationships that I desire, and release the relationships that no longer serve me. I seek balance by clarifying my boundaries, limits, and needs. Uranus in my house of work, daily routine, and health may bring innovation and insight into these areas of my life. The planets may inspire me to shift my routine, release an old habit, tend to my health. When I receive the bolt of insight, I’ll have the motivation to act on it with ease, for the planets are supporting me now.

Sagittarius by Katie Maasik

(November 22-December 21)

This month, my work life and day-to-day routine are given a big dose of sunshine. I go along for the ride and accept the new opportunities that come my way. I go with the flow even when the flow moves quickly and in sometimes surprising directions. I seek balance by taking time to retreat and rest, to daydream and find escape when I need it. I ready myself for major creative insights this month. Creativity is a gift offered from another realm. When ideas land in my lap, I honour and respect them as fleeting and precious. I take notes, I make sketches, I do the work required to make something of the insights I receive. Creativity includes all the ways in which we play and find pleasure: romance, laughter, storytelling, children, games, sports. Any of these areas may be electrified, may receive lightning bolts of insight and genius. I’m open to a whole new level of pleasure and joy.

Capricorn by Katie Maasik

(December 22-January 19)

This month I’m asked to remember pleasure. I recall the importance of play, fun, joy, laughter, romance, creativity. I see how pleasure contributes to every other aspect of life. With a playful heart, I find it easier to create. I express myself in a way that feels natural and true to myself. I feel more at home in my own skin. I come to more fully accept myself. The way in which I come to more fully accept myself may surprise me: I may receive some insight relating to my early childhood or my relationship with my mother (or primary caregiver). This revelation may be just what it takes to find my own creative flow. I understand that the more I express myself in a way that is natural to me, the more I connect with people who really get me, who really see me. I am finding my people. I see the reciprocal relationship between the community and groups I belong to—my wider circle of friends, and my creative self-expression. I see how friendships and self-expression support each other: it’s through being myself that I connect with others, and those connections bring opportunities and support that further my creative development.

Aquarius by Katie Maasik

(January 19-February 18)

The Sun brings energy and focus to my home this month. If I desire to be at home more than normal, I’ll heed the call. There is a time for retreat and rest, and that time is now. And I will need it because my mind is on fire this month. Many brilliant, revolutionary ideas electrify my nervous system. I enjoy the energy and the pulsing, and know that I must take care of my body and mind so the electricity flows smoothly and doesn’t burn me out. I spend time with my closest loved ones. I take long baths. I putter around at home. I seek moments of silence. If I have excess energy, perhaps I’ll do some projects around the home, but my priority is self-care. I seek the balance between home and work, between retreating and engaging with the public. I honour myself for what I’ve achieved in my work, I recognize my hard work, and accept the recognition and rewards that are offered me. And in knowing I’ve done a good job, I rest more easily.

Pisces by Katie Maasik

(February 19-March 20)

The inbox is filling up. The phone buzzing with texts and calls. The mailbox is overflowing. The mind is busy. This is the season for messages, communication, thought, and mental work. I go with the flow, knowing there is a time for everything, and for everything there is an ebb and flow. I allow the communication channels to open. I consider the way in which I communicate with others, and set intentions around how I wish to express myself, speak my truth, hear and be heard. I seek balance by withdrawing from time to time, to feel within, and check in with my intuitive guidance. I respect the views and opinions of others, but I don’t lose myself in them: I sift and sort through all these opinions and facts with the sieve of my own worldview and personal sense of truth. With Uranus in my house of finances and value, I allow innovations and brilliant new ideas to bring more abundance into my life. I’m open to possibilities and opportunities I can’t even imagine. I’m ready for life to surprise me.

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