Woodlot Horoscopes for October 2016

This is a busy time for many of us—but more importantly, it’s a time to get things done without the weight of distraction. Take the time to find a moment when you can search for inner peace within yourself. Let the small things go, and try to turn your mind off when it gets too noisy. Be mindful of a moment, and just allow yourself to participate in it! Find something you love, whatever it may be, big or small—and relish it. Life is too short to get caught up in the negative. Let yourself live fully: you never know what could happen.

Horoscopes by Tara Chloe. Zodiac illustrations by Katie Maasik

Aries by Katie Maasik

(March 21-April 19)

I have the will to do a lot of things (sometimes all at once), but I know that I need to be careful with overdoing it. I will feel the burn, which is why I am reevaluating what truly matters in my life. I don’t want to waste my energy on anything that doesn’t feel worth it. I might be devising ways to manage my busy life, and this may cause stress, but I won’t feel it for too long. I have a way of getting through tough times and making things in my life even better. When there is conflict, I let it build my relationships to be even stronger than they were before. Sometimes I place anger or resentment on the wrong person, but I am learning to pick my battles carefully. Life isn’t long, and a lot of the time it’s not worth saying a word. I can know better, but it doesn’t mean I have to tell that person that I know better. As an Aries, it is valuable for me to look at every angle before I make an emotional decision. As a proactive Aries, I’ve got the gifts to really make it all work, and when I go at the right pace, I will be highly successful in your life endeavors.

Taurus by Katie Maasik

(April 20-May 20)

There is nothing wrong with giving new things a chance and branching out. I might even attempt to do this because I am curious about new stuff. I know I like to stick to what I know/what I love the best, but I am working on opening up my level of trust to new people. Out with the ordinary, in with the new: I want something that will excite me. I don’t always welcome everyone into the layers of my full truth, but when I care about someone I will go to many lengths to make them happy. I like to be a help to others if I can be, but every now and then I require a good ego boost. I’ve got a lot of pride, and I wear it well, but every hard-working person needs to be told that they are doing a good job. I probably am doing a good job, but I set such high expectations for myself, I’m not always satisfied with the results. I like what I have, but I still want more. That’s the Taurus nature, to constantly collect more, see more, and be more, and that’s exactly what I plan to do this month.

Gemini by Katie Maasik

(May 21-June 21)

It will bother me if you don’t like me, but in that case, I probably don’t like you either, and it’s fine—except I won’t act like I don’t like you. I won’t stop dazzling you with my charm and intellect, and you can pretend it doesn’t rub off on you, but I know that it does. Gemini is the master of hospitality: I know how to make people feel good and welcomed. I will go out of my way for you when I want to impress you. As an excellent communicator, I remember things that people say, and if they’ve been loyal to me, this means the world. Some Geminis are prone to drama and enemies, but at the root, we just want to be loved. As a Gemini, I have to let go of certain things that keep me from getting what I want. Sometimes I overthink things (including relationships), and forget to go with my heart. But I can’t be afraid of change, I need to embrace it. While it’s easy for me to let go, I still struggle to trust someone else.

Cancer by Katie Maasik

(June 21-July 22)

I love when my life takes me places I never imagined to go, or when I meet someone who I instantly want to spend every day with. People might think I don’t have the ability to speak my mind, but I will let you know when you are ticking me off. Sure, I can take a lot, but I am sensitive and do expect a certain level of respect. I’m not one to take crap from anyone, even if it appears that way. I see people for who they really are, and I know straight away who I want to associate myself with. I tend to be very sincere, and this has got me in trouble, but it has also got me places, and added to my wealth of wisdom. The more I experience, the more I seem to grow. I can’t say that I am stationary or staying the same. Yes, some of my thoughts on matters and people are pretty set in stone, but I am ready for that great life shift: I am ready to build something new or be taken to a new place. Sometimes I get cozy in one place for too long, but I want to prepare myself for a new and potentially challenging experience.

Leo by Katie Maasik

(July 23-August 22)

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by the light of lasting and fulfilling love. I am grateful, but sometimes my luck takes a sudden turn for what appears to be the worst. It can be painful, but it’s not a problem: I will continue to fight for the things and people in my life that matter. I want love in the worst way, but I don’t want love that is the worst. I work hard at being someone that others will value. I care, and I stand by the passions in my life that drive me. I know I’ve got real, raw, natural talent, which will take me places. I know that I play a huge part in my success. I am driven to be someone worth knowing, or to do something that I love. I want to make a name for myself, but I also want to find that love that’s perfect, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, and epically sweet. I want to go after the right things (and perhaps some different things), as the old tricks I keep trying, simply aren’t working anymore.

Virgo by Katie Maasik

(August 23-September 22)

I can’t help but shine at something I excel in. A big part of who I am is figuring things out, which is why I will be successful when I put my mind to it. I don’t like to fail. I will do the work, and usually it pays off. I have the ability to separate my social side from my work side. I am serious about what I do, and give more than 100 percent at all times. I’m not a huge fan of authority figures, but I seek their approval and try to stay on their good side. I’m happy if I am in love, but I am in no rush to make concrete plans because I believe that will all fall into place—if it already hasn’t. Virgo has a personal timeline of the life goals they want to achieve, and how they want to achieve them. This being said, if you have a Virgo partner, chances are, he/she is very devoted to you. Virgos don’t pick just anyone to be with. They are picky and prone to people who challenge them. They want someone who will help them to become an even better human being. Virgo is a thinker who wants to know what you think.

Libra by Katie Maasik

(September 23-October 22)

You can say that you hate drama, that you want no part in it, but sometimes you create it for yourself. It is important to be strong and confident in your choices, and not let other people cloud your decisions. You have the ability to express such beautiful harmony onto the world. You have a luminous charm, and a friendly spirit: lead and focus with that. Concentrate on how you can manage your time better. Schedule what you need to do so you don’t feel behind, because you will feel regretful if you miss out on something you love. You will lose things if you get too caught up in the Libra world. La-La-Land is fun, but it’s not going to pay the bills. Making friends is one of the best things in life, but it’s not always the priority or purpose of a situation. Identify where you may have gone wrong, and try to repair the matter. Don’t blame others for your downfalls, that’s a cop out. Instead, look at the bigger picture, and see how you fit into it. Take accountability for your actions and try to exert the talent that you have to offer this world. Libra has so much to offer, they just have to know it and refrain from looking back!

Scorpio by Katie Maasik

(October 23-November 21)

I know I was given this amazing energy to tackle situation in a way that others can’t. I make for an excellent boss, and can’t help but lead the team by nature. Scorpios are highly intelligent and have a sense of control that is so sneaky, and so strong, you will fall prey to it without even knowing. It’s true, I do provide guidance for others, and this makes me feel good. I sincerely enjoy helping people, and do what I can to put them at ease. I know that when I am ready and willing, I will start on my self-goals. When in reality, I am constantly working on my self-goals—it’s just that there are so many. Sometimes I overload with information and it is hard for me to focus on just one thing. Regardless, I am confident that everything I desire (and sometimes suppress) will come to me in time, but I’m not on the hunt for it. If I’ve found it, I’m likely content, or entangled, and totally unprepared to unhinge myself. Right now I have to focus on what matters the most to me, whether that be my job, my relationship or my family. I have my priorities, and it would be a rare thing for me to stray away from them.

Sagittarius by Katie Maasik

(November 22-December 21)

I’m not afraid to work on my own if it means getting the results that I want. I trust my own answers, and feel confident about what I have to bring to the table. I want to lead the conversation. I want love, but I also want career, and my personal drive has taken me down an exciting path. I crave adventure, and want to know what’s next. Living in the moment is great, but I need that moment to be exceptional. Being around the right people also makes a huge difference. I have to trust the company that I keep, and know that I am in a place where it is really okay for me to be myself. I know that I can turn it off and on when I need to. I have a natural knack for business, which is why I am capable of keeping things cool with people and making life-long connections that benefit my interests or industry.

Capricorn by Katie Maasik

(December 22- January 19)

I’m always chasing the dream, and sometimes it seems like I am merely chasing, but I know in time my hard work is going to pay off. Everything is going to click, but I know I’m not the type to just let things go. It takes me time to get over things. I want to be good to people, but I will be selective of who I truly bring into my life. I set the bar high, but I know that in a lot of cases, I need to lower it. I need to be happy with what I have, and stop dwelling about what I’ve lost, or what I could/should have. It takes me time to connect, which is why when I do, it’s so hard to say goodbye. I don’t build things with people only to tear them down. I like to stick around and stand behind my choices. At the end of the day, I just want to make things work. I do feel defeated when I can’t, but then I know there is always something in the wings, waiting for me to conquer. Once I put on the right hat, I know I can keep myself in the right places, with the right people.

Aquarius by Katie Maasik

(January 19-Fenurary 18)

It has been reported by several Astrology books that Aquarius is a gossip sign—and this is partly true—but you’d have to annoy me or piss me off before that would happen. We Aquarius are actually known best for our friendliness. We have a strong ability to form friendships while keeping the emotional connection aloof. We aren’t always keen to settle down. Aquarius are big thinkers and we contemplate love much more than we feel it. As an Aquarius, I know that once I find my groove that I will be happy. Things tend to happen to me which open my circle of people, and enhance my well-being in life. I don’t let myself sweat the bad stuff for too long, because I know my personal goals and aspirations are more important. Aquarius is second to last on the Zodiac line, which means things will come, but they won’t come straight away. It is true that good things come to those who wait, and many Aquarians are feeling the effect of that notion.

Pisces by Katie Maasik

(February19-March 20)

They always tell you that not everyone is going to like you in life, and that what other people think about you is none of your business. While there may be some truth to that, I can’t help but be hurt when someone sees me the wrong way. I only intend good things. I know I can be impulsive, and sometimes do and say things that maybe I shouldn’t, but my heart is in the right place. I hate fighting more than anything, and I just want to get along. I know that in order to be content I have to do what I love, and do it is as often as I can. I have the tendency to get bogged down by a love interest. I can’t make this my focus. Even if I have a partner, it’s important that I focus on my needs too. I am not going to sacrifice my life dreams for love. Even if love is all I want, I also do crave more. It’s important for me to also provide myself with self-love, and stop looking for outside reassurance. I can’t let my happiness be wrapped up in another person. I need a destiny of my own in order to truly feel like my existence matters. I want to contribute, and it is important that I find an outlet which allows me to do so.

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