How Your Elemental Sign Affects Your Career Passion

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You may be familiar with the Four Elements, but did you know these vital forces can help you fulfill your career potential? Whether you fall under Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, your elemental sign is a natural reflection of your temperament and values. Let's take a closer look at how your elemental sign affects your work life and career passions.

Kendall Jenner was born on November 3rd, making her a Scorpio and a Fire sign.


Powerful, confident, vibrant, intense, loving, interesting, warm, flamboyant, striking, colourful, charming

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire is intense, confident, and possesses incredible drive and energy. No matter what the situation, Fire has a way of getting your attention. Usually that attention is good, but sometimes it can be toxic, so it's important for Fire to slow down and reflect. Mindfulness does not always come easily to this sign, but once Fire can harness her incredible energy, she can achieve anything. Fire always lights up the room. 

Above all, Fire knows what she wants from life, and how to get it. If Fire feels like she's being held back from her dreams, she can rest assured that her flame is still burning—it just might take some time and effort to turn up the heat.

Fire sometimes needs the other elements to keep him grounded. Water especially can help him regain his cool, even if the interaction between the two signs sometimes leads to conflict. Other Fire signs are lots of fun too, as they like to keep things running high and hot.

Fire excels at tackling many things at once. This element has high expectations of herself, so you can expect big things from this spirited go-getter.

Common Careers for Fire signs: fashion designer, actor, film director, CEO, art director, painter, graphic designer, professional athlete, politician

Bey was born on September 4th, making her a Virgo and an Earth sign.


Dependable, hard-working, domestic, generous, logical, sensible, determined, strong, powerful, rational, loyal

Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo 

Earth is an industrious sign who can easily work her way to the very top. She is loyal, patient, and driven by her desire to bring people together. Earth is not one to give up on her dreams, and she usually achieves them.

Earth is very capable and strong, but he rarely asks for help unless she absolutely needs to. Although he cares deeply for his loved ones, he can sometimes fail to put his feelings into words.

She often needs to balance the "give and take" in her relationships by reaching out to ask others for their input, and how they feel about the changes she's made.

Earth knows how to create foundations and help things grow. She is a natural leader, who can steer a team with grace and humility. Earth knows how to wait for change to occur on its own, but she also knows how to cultivate positive action in the world around her.

Common Careers for Earth signs: game designer, doctor, software developer, project manager, writer, physical therapist, art director, technical director, spiritual leader, veterinarian  

Hari Nef was born on October 21st, making them a Libra and an Air sign.


Harmonious, insightful, uncertain, thinking, intelligent, flirty, indecisive, unique, detailed, visionary, playful

Air signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Air is the visionary. Often Air is one who thinks up a new idea, and inspires others to drive it to completion. She is playful about her passions, but still consumed by them. To find happiness, she needs something substantial to hang her hat on. Alighting on the right career, which gives her the opportunity to display her many talents, is vital to her success.

Air often has a hard time committing. She flits from one job to the next, like a butterfly never lingering too long in one place. Should Air ever choose to stay, her workplace will prosper, but Air may feel her creative energy depleted by the daily grind

If Air feels he can’t stretch his wings in a group, he may have to pursue his passions on her own, or risk having his talents stifled by closed-minded people. 

Air thrives when given the opportunity to set her own pace and hours, which is why those who fall under the Air sign often find themselves starting their own business, or working freelance.

Common Careers for Air signs: entrepreneur, model, interior designer, makeup artist, photographer, events planner, dancer, architect, florist

Rihanna was born on February 20th, making her a Pisces and a Water sign.


Empathetic, emotional, moody, creative, nurturing, unpredictable, deep, refreshing, caring, dreamy, tender

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

For Water to be truly happy she must discover her passion. Water is selective about the route she takes, but when she finally finds her true path, she flows with heartfelt care down each of its winding ways. 

Water is often quite skilled and multi-talented in many areas. Water needs to take on a position that he can embody with confidence. 

Water is imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive. For Water to shine, she needs to express her passions in a positive, loving environment—in a place where she fits in and feels loved. When comfortable, Water can draw from a deep well of power.

Water sometimes seeks validation outside himself, which can lead Water to struggle to find stability. Water can be tough on himself, so he often requires loving reassurance of his worth from his friends and family.

It's important that Water finds a way to balance her moods, and not let them get in the way of her concentration and vast potentialIf Water likes her position, co-workers, and surroundings, she will prosper greatly.

Common Careers for Water signs: teacher, musician, jewelry maker, psychiatrist, nurse, yoga instructor, dentist, creative director, script writer

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