Mother's Day is around the corner. Here are some easy ways to spoil your special mama. 

1) Our friends at Old Joy Gift Boxes have curated a beautiful collection of locally made products! You'll find our candles bundled with Penny Frances Apothecary, Reassemly, LISSU and more. 

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3) We've put together a collection of our top online sellers. Order by May 4th to confirm delivery for Mother's Day.

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Though we strive for perfection, sometimes our candles come out a little bit wonky.  We also test burn a lot of candles, so have a collection of pre-loved and slightly-flawed misfits. We love the imperfections all the same, because like in nature, beauty is found in the unexpected.

To celebrate Earth Day, we are giving away a free candle to the first 100 people who stop by our studio to pick them up. The only catch is the promise to share a photo of your adopted candle in its new home. # candlerescue
Turn off the lights. Light a flame and send the Earth a kind wish!

Visit us anytime this Tuesday & Wednesday April 21st/22nd between 11 and 5pm!
Woodlot Studio:
203 - 2075 Yukon St.
Vancouver, BC

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Sonia Chhinji and Fouad Farraj are the founders of Woodlot, an eco-minded bath and body line based in the Pacific Northwest. All of Woodlot’s products are intricately handcrafted: custom-mixed, hand-poured, and made in small batches using local ingredients whenever possible. 


Sonia and Fouad’s hands-on approach doesn’t stop when production’s done. “Long before we bring a product to market, we use it ourselves,” says Sonia. “If it makes us — and those around us — happy, we know we’ve tapped into something we can be proud of.”


The pair also seek out honest feedback from friends and family when mixing a custom blend or creating a new product, like the line of multipurpose floral mists they’re launching now. “Because we are small, we can listen to our customers and make subtle changes — or even go in an entirely fresh direction,” says Sonia. 


“The industry is new to us, so we’re always trying to figure out the best ways to stay lean and as relevant as possible,” says Sonia. For now, she and Fouad are continually working on their product line and focusing on growing their business in the US and overseas. Her advice to others: “Don’t take on too much in the beginning, focus on nurturing relationships with early buyers, and have fun.”

As we get close to launching our soaps + mists, we thought we'd start a series of sharing beautiful images. Our first series will share life through a floral lens, a week of flora. Feel free to join in by tagging your favourite floral images by with #aweekofflora. 

Bartolomeo Guidobono, Allegory of Spring, detail, c.1705-9

Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame, each to her passion. What’s in a name?
Helen Hunt Jackson

The name WOODLOT comes from our time spent in a yurt in the woods when we were developing our scents, which are inspired by memories or adventures. Many from childhood. WOODLOT just stuck with us.

WOODLOT gathers the essence of place and time. Sometimes you can have a somewhere described to you, and it’s as if you are there; in a deep forest, the salty edge of an ocean, head resting in a field of flora. But the scents of a place prove more powerful, triggering emotions, feelings + memories.

Vivid times in our lives are stamped by our sense of scent at a primal subconscious level, choosing us when we least expect it. Seeping deep into our psyches and resting there impenetrably, patiently. Releasing unexpected emotion in the flicker of each experience. Our eternal connection to flame and its life ambiance and its history of quiet honouring, happy celebration + daily reverence is simply elevating.

WOODLOT candles harness the ephemeral moments of bliss aroused by the sensory power of scent + warm flame, transporting us to a sense of wellbeing.

From a little spark may burst a flame.
Dante Alighieri

Petal to Potion

March 11, 2015


We're working on a small selection of petal to potion refreshing mists. Sign up here if you'd like to be notified of our upcoming products. With thanks, Woodlot 

Here are some tips to keep your candle burning clean and almost soot-free! Why almost? Because soot has and will always exist. In fact, soot particles are what make a flame burn yellow. 

Burning instructions:
1) Trim wick to 1/4 inch prior to lighting
2) Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time. Save some of those forest scents for another session :)
3) Time for a new candle when 1/4" of wax is left.

We opted to pour our candles in a reusable whiskey style rocks glass because creating more waste is just not cool. Here's an easy way to get that jar looking nice and clean. 

1) When 1/4" wax remains, pop jar into freezer for ~15 minutes. 
2) Chip out the wax which should be pulling from glass now.
3) Wash jar as normal. 

Tag and share your images with us! #nuevalot 


Applying a hair growth treatment to your hair is a great way to strength hair and avoid thinning. Today's homemade recipe Coconut and Curry Tonic calls for ingredients inspired by India and our own Woodlot candles. 

Besides being a delicious spice, Curry has amazing health benefits, such as promoting hair growth and preventing grey hairs. The addition of coconut oil in this recipe also adds shine to your hair while keeping it soft.

Recipe: Coconut And Curry Tonic 


  • 3 Curry Leaves
  • 1/8 Cup of Organic Coconut Oil

Instructions: Boil the curry leaves and some coconut oil together until the a black residue beings to form. Avoid frying the leaves. Remove the residue and let it cool before applying it to your hair. 

Tip: Apply this tonic to your hair twice a week and let it sit in your hair for at least an hour before showering. 

It typically takes us about 2-3 months of testing + sampling before releasing new scents. After much testing of the wick, scent distribution and overall feel of the candle, we're excited to introduce two new flames :)


Heat boasts aromas of Rosewood, Myrrh, Cedar and Amber. Unlike our other scents, this one is a bit on the sensual side, perfect for both him + her. xoxo

We were looking to add another scent to the collection that delivered aromas of lavender + citrus fields. Inspired by our hood, Mount Pleasant in Vancouver, this lavender heavy scent is perfect for kicking your feet up after a long day + enjoying a bath. xo

Aromas of Lavender, Orange, Bergamot, Patchouli + Cedar

These scents are now available online, and in-stores. Let us know what you think.